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Carrie works an asset who is frightened while Fara and Quinn start a stakeout on a new suspect on this episode of Homeland. 

Oh God. It's still going on. Carrie is in bed with Aayan and he pulls up the covers to look at her naked body.

Carrie offers to go get breakfast and kisses Aayan on the arm before leaving.

Fara and Quinn are renting an apartment across from where she spotted Haqqani. The landlord wants to make sure it's not for sex. Fara is concerned because she thought she would just be working in an office. Quinn reminds her she spotted Haqqani so she's in the thick of it now. And she's good at it.

Carrie talks to Saul about Aayan. He isn't sure Carrie can turn Aayan in that amount of time. She gets back with breakfast to find Aayan leaving. Carrie tells Aayan the CIA has a kill list as well as the ISI, and he's on it.

Carrie reinforces the seriousness of Aayan's situation and that he can't leave the safe house until they leave for London.

Dennis tells Martha that he's decided to stay. That's when she tells him she never believed he had a job offer because you don't recover from plagiarism. He balks when she asks why he wants to stay.

Fara and Quinn talk with Carrie. She's just one of those people -- they connect. Manipulating people and using their weaknesses is the name of the game, but it's not easy. She can't believe he's only known Carrie for two years.

The ISI is discussing Saul. They wonder why he didn't leave two days ago to New York because he's now going to Washington. The guy talking acts as if he doesn't know who Saul spoke to after Bunny, when it was him -- Aasar Kahn.

Dennis is at the Station Chief's apartment. That's what the key was that the ISI chick gave to him. The ISI thug who coordinated Sandy's death is at the airport in security the same time as Saul.

Carrie starts the interviews with Aayan. She starts with Haqqani. They were close and he was around a lot when he was young. Then he wasn't. He went to the mountains to hide from Drones strikes. Haqqani used to make Aayan laugh by slurping tea loudly and other things. He hated the Soviet Union and it collapsed. He hated America, and knew how to beat them, too.

When Carrie asks Aayan about rumors Haqqani is alive, he freaks out. She questions... if he was alive, it makes you wonder if he knew the strike was coming.

Saul calls Quinn to let him know Farhad Ghazi is boarding a plane for South Africa.

Martha looks for Quinn for help Dennis. Finds John instead. He decides to help her with Dennis, who is in a bar, belligerent.

Carrie talks about her personal life. She takes responsibility for the death of her baby daddy, a fellow journalist, because she sent him on assignment. Aayan wonders if she will tell her daughter about her daddy. They bond over the loss of her non-husband.

Dennis tries to confide his many problems in John, but the ISI lady steps in. Dennis doesn't know who she is. John tells her ISI, probably on the job right now. Muslim woman at an American hotel alone...

Saul continues to follow the ISI agent in the airport. His curiosity gets the best of him and the guy puts a needle in his throat and scurries him away.

Quinn and Fara are chasing the cleric. They need Carrie and the drone. She's not answering.

John takes Dennis home. Martha is embarrassed. He doesn't share that the ISI lady might have known who he was, as he only admitted the hotel manager recognized Dennis.

Quinn and Fara get within walking distance of the car in which Saul is in the trunk. Fara tries to get a device on the Cleric's car but can't get through. Everyone has to turn around.

Dennis enters Carrie's apartment after everyone thinks he's drunk and photos her medication, etc.

Carrie, meanwhile, is looking on at a sleeping Aayan when Quinn .

While Carrie is outside getting reamed by Quinn, Aayan slips away to the roof. He confesses that his uncle is alive.


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Homeland Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Three days. To develop that type of trust? That's a tall fuckin' order.


Aayan: Oh. Oh, is was just..
Carrie: Looking?
Aayan: No.... yeah.