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They're waking up in the car. John is dead in the truck – glass to his neck. Carrie and Saul are alive.

Quinn is taking over operations in the Embassy. 

Snipers start shooting the Marines helping the convoy. Carrie calls Aasar. He tells Tasneem they're on their way. She forces him to wait ten minutes. Aasar cannot believe Tasnem is so naive. She thinks he's the naive one. 

Lockhart has to prep the group for Level 2 lockdown. This is not a drill.

Lockhart has the important information and he's taking it personally with another man to the vault, except the room is infiltrated and he's on his own. He watches everyone get shot and runs.

Quinn sees the infiltrators. He tries to call Hensley, but that's the guy who was with Lockhart. Dead.

Haqqani picks Fara to talk with about the list. He calls her a traitor. He wants to know if her family knows what she does, killing other Muslims. 

Quinn learns they're going to the Embassy floor for the list. Once they have the information they shoot the bastards. 

A soldier asks Carrie and Saul to lay down some cover fire. She wants to blow a guy away but isn't the best shot.

Martha is calling for backup but not receiving help from the government. When Haqqani wants the door opened, he stands in front of the camera and they start shooting people. 

Lockhart gives Haqqani the list and he still kills Fara. Peter and his buddy wage a mini war against the group but many are killed and Haqqani gets away.

Carrie and Saul arrive to see the Embassy with a draped flag declaring new ownership.

Lockhart and Martha are inside. The phone rings. Martha gets it.

Carrie and Max are talking. Max wishes she wasn't so mean to Fara.

Lockhart tells Carrie the President is pulling them all out of Pakistan. He doesn't trust Carrie to do anything any longer and they're in the first wave to leave. Carrie wants to remain behind.

Martha goes to see her loser of a husband. He wants her belt to kill himself. He tries to use how things will affect her to persuade her. She reaches for her belt, but says it can't. Be mine. What the hell? She's going through with it.

Quinn is trying to grill Saul to get information on where he was held with Haqqani. All of a sudden Saul seems like a very old man. 

Peter refuses to leave but Carrie wants him on the transport with the rest of them. She won't allow him to die. 

Carrie goes to see Saul. He thinks he's made a fool of himself.

Quinn heads down to the dead, saying he's photographing them. He's looking for their burner phones.

Carrie calls Fara's father to give him the news. 

Quinn is with a guy who drives out of the Embassy. Someone starts to tail them. Quinn tells the guy not to give a word to Carrie. He says he'll see him stateside.

Quinn walks through a bazaar and starts a fire, creating a diversion. He gets into the vehicle that was following him. Fucking drive, he says as he puts a gun to his head. He asks where Haqqani is and when the guy says he doesn't know, he beats him over the head and ties him up. Nice burner phone he has. 

Quinn is gone and Carrie asks Lockhart for five days to bring him in. Lockhart gives in and reminds her she will be without government help or diplomatic cover. She knows.

Martha learns Dennis was in the lead SUV and will be traveling to Washington in custody. She cannot believe he's such a loser. 

Saul doesn't want to leave Carrie, but she has to stay for Quinn. The 5th Fleet has been called into the Gulf. It could get ugly. She knows. They drive off, leaving her behind.



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Homeland Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Saul: Carrie! Carrie! What are you doing?!
Carrie: I'm trying to kill the mother fuckers who are trying to kill us, what do you think I'm doing?!

This isn't a drill.