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Homeland Season 2

"The Choice"

On the season finale of Homeland, Carrie must make a pivotal choice while Brody and Faber meet to discuss the family's future.

"In Memoriam"

On Homeland, Carrie is afraid something is going on within the agency as she hunts for Nazir and the investigation reveals Roya's true intentions.

"Broken Hearts"

Problems arise between Brody and Walden on Homeland this week. Elsewhere, Dana and Finn reach an understanding.

"Two Hats"

Events continues to take shape on this episode of Homeland. It's titled "Two Hats."

"I'll Fly Away"

Brody nears a meltdown on this episode of Homeland, while Dana seeks comfort from an unlikely individual.

"The Clearing"

Brody and his family attend a fundraiser this week on Homeland, while Carrie and the team try to regain control of their operation.

"A Gettysburg Address"

The CIA's interest is piqued this week when Faber look into Tom Walker. Elsewhere, Brody teams with Carrie and Quinn.


Brody is imprisoned again on this episode of Homeland. Dana's relationship with Finn, meanwhile, heats up.

"New Car Smell"

Estes green lights a covert mission on Homeland, while Brody runs into Carrie once again.

"State of Independence"

Carrie thinks she'll be joining the CIA again on this episode of Homeland. Elsewhere, Jessica steps into the spotlight.

"Beirut is Back"

Is the end of Abu Nazir near? David and Saul up an operation to take him down this week.

"The Smile"

Homeland is back for a second season. We learn here just what state Carrie is in and how Brody is faring as a politician.

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