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As advertised for weeks, the focus of this episode was the final, official death of Nathan.

After Peter took the Haitian's ability, he confronted Sylar, erased his powers and almost beat him to death. As a result - somehow - Nathan once again emerged. The brothers chatted and bonded and Nathan admitted that the attempts to fight off Sylar were killing him.

When Peter took his sibling to the same rooftop we saw on season one, Nathan ran to the ledge and jumped off. Peter grabbed him by the hand, but he knew it was over. Nathan gave him a speech about remaining a force for good in the world and dropped to his death. After his body bounced off a car, it stood up and walked... but not it was truly Sylar again.

Elsewhere, we met a carnie named Eli. He's a multiplier and can create multiple versions of himself. He broke into HRG's house and stole his box of Primatech files.

Claire and Gretchen made it to the carnival. Samuel greeted them warmly and showed them around his creation and introduced them to his family. Claire was taken by a place where people with abilities were accepted and out in the open. When Gretchen left to go back to school, Claire stayed behind and was present when Samuel gave a speech to his family about recruiting more heroes in order to assert their dominance and no longer live in fear.

With that speech, the show faded to black and Heroes took a hiatus until January 2010.

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It was sad to see Nathan go. I just feel the writers made a mistake by kiling him off. He could of been used a lot better being involved in politics. Him and Peter had great chemistry and they work great as a duo. To keep around Suresh(who leaving anyway) Ando, Tracey and Matt over Nathan is ridiculous. Bring Nathan back! If Hiro can bring Charlie back. Well then they can bring Nathan back.


It's sad to see him go. Peter and Nathan had a great bond.
Especially after the last episode of the first season. When Nathan fly's down and tells Claire the future is not written in stone. And he tells peter, you save the cheerleader and we save the world. Peter say's, I love u Nathan, I love you to peter. And he fly's away with him. I always thought they would of converted him back to being a good guy we all saw in him in season 1. What a shame to end Peter's and Nathan relationship. They worked good together on the show.


I love this show!! i cant wait till the episodes come back.. and Hayden Panettiere is soooo hot!!!!


Heroes is my favorite show but it is squandering it's potential. Every season other than the first one has pretty much been the same. Hiro goes back in time, changes something, and everyone deals with the fallout of it. The first half of every season is flashback after flashback. Heroes needs to take a page from X-Men and start the factions and wars. They also need to find a way for Peter to get his full powers back. There has to be another character that can counteract Sylar who is truly the most powerful one right now. They gave Sylar way too much power.


I think the show had the makings to be great. It was a great idea, like a real world comic book. With the popularity of super hero movies now this would've been huge. And it was. Until the writers gave up on making a story and just kept adding new characters. Each week a new character. Next week the character is forgotten. What happened to Molly, Micah, Ando? I want to like the show but it is so disappointing. Just give the idea to someone else and have them post it online.


normal viewer, you are missing the point of a show. There are always characters who are flat, it makes a foil for the round characters. And for your information, quite a few of the characters are round, thank you very much. There is a plot, its just not the same type of plot you're used to. It's an extended plot, and it takes till about the last episode to tie it all together; it's just different, and if you can't handle different, go watch a truly consistant show that has no plot. Speaking of: "The same crap happens every season"? Really? Go back and watch your seasons, dude... And it's still on tv cause it's a fantastic show that is nothing like you say and/or think it is. And go watch dogs take a crap then, cause we don't want your loosely based and uninformed criticism of a show that continues to hold a wide, diverse, and devoted fan base.
I thank you, normal viewer, because your poor attempt at criticism and sheep-herding is a compliment that all great shows come across in their fabulous, long, sucessful run. Welcome to the age of the heroes fan.
(by the way: if you're not a fan, WHY ARE YOU ON A HEROES FAN SITE??????!!!!!)


This show sucks, why is it even still on TV? The characters are flat, there's no plot, and the same crap happens every season. I'd rather watch dogs take a crap.


The Cheerleader. The Parametic. The Doctor.The Cop. The Bad. The Hiro. Don't go off the air all my friends and I love this show... And also Hayden Penettiere (Claire) the best.


The best show in the history of all T.V. shows hands down. And Hayden Panettiere is the best looking woman I've ever seen in my life she is the main reason i watch every week and never missed a episode yet. Awsome!!!