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Matt continues to try regain power at the camp, but Taylor, Farah and the Haitian try to prevent it. Matt manages to grab Taylor and promises that he will kill her if her mother doesn't follow through on her plan to take him to the new world. 

Malina has no idea where her grandfather is, so she teams up with Luke and they get on their way to find Tommy, but Quentin, Phoebe and Harris are hot on their tail. 

When they come face to face, Phoebe manages to overpower Malina, almost killing her, but Luke smacks her over the head and knocks her out, stopping her power. Luke realizes that Phoebe was the one who caused the attack on Odessa and that she effectively caused his son's demise. 

Before Luke kills her, Quentin butts in and assures them that he knows where Tommy is and if they keep himself and Phoebe alive, he'll take them to them. 

Tommy has to work with Miko to find out what Erica is really up to and he pretends he killed her for her. 

Erica reunites him with his mother and then takes him away again to "answer some questions."

Harris calls Erica and informs her that Matt has Taylor. 

Carlos is reunited with Jose. 



Heroes Reborn
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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Tommy: You're katana girl. Look.
Miko: How is this possible?

Do you because your digital spawn freed Hiro Nakamura and destroyed the fortress and somehow ended up here.