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Luke is still stuck in the videogame, but Ren is forced to go in with Katana girl to save him. The succeed and when he gets out he makes his first course of action to take down Erica, but she threatens him. 

He informs her that he can be in two places at one time and when she laughs it off, he proves it to her. 

He goes to help Malina stop the second flare after Luke sacrifices himself to get rid of the first one. Tommy realizes they're power together isn't working and remembers something from his and Malina's childhood and he realizes he needs to get Noah to stand between them to take down the flare. 

He goes to the scene of the tornado and brings him to Malina and with his help, they save the world. He dies shortly after. 

Carlos, Farah and Jose are happy and spend their days fighting crime, but Malina and Tommy's happiness is short-lived when they both get mysterious cards sent to them, but Angela tells Malina that it's her father and he will want to take her with him. 

Quentin tells the police that the evo's are good people and they saved the world.

Heroes Reborn
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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Welcome to the future.


Malina: There's no one even guarding the place.
Luke: There's no one left to guard.