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Noah shoots Erica in the butt and Quentin shows up to try get answers, but because he's from the past, he has no idea who Noah is and helps Erica to safety after she promises that he'll see his sister again. 

Joanna is heartbroken when she realizes that Dennis is dead and when the man who Luke saved from being buried in the rubble shows up at the motel, Joanna goes crazy and blames Luke for not finding Dennis faster. The man accidentally hits Joanna, which leads to Luke attacking him and Joanna stabs him several times with scissors. 

Erica enlists Matt Parkman to find out what happened to Claire, but when Matt gets too close to the truth, Noah's memories are wiped by Casper in an effort to conceal the locations of the twins. 

Angela and Hiro go to 1999, but they are stuck in Odessa. Angela decides that they should go their seperate ways with a baby each until the time is right to bring them back together. Hiro is initially against the idea, but warms to it eventually. 

Back on June 13, Noah and Molly track down Hiro and realize it is future Hiro, and that Nathan is all grown up. Matt then goes to meet Angela, who has aged dramatically. 

Nathan has to teleport his mother and Casper out of the house when Harris appears and it's then that Casper wipes his memory.

Heroes Reborn
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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

If it's time, I'm ready. I'm ready to save the world.


I've been waiting for you.