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Noah and Hiro arrive in June 13th at the summit. Hiro warns Noah they must not change much as it will bring trouble with it. He says they have three hours before the bombs go off. 

Angela meets up with Mohinder and informs him that Erica is a villain who plans mass destruction for earth that will wipe civilization out, but Mohinder doesn't seem to believe her. She warns him that Erica will have him taken out back and shot before he gets a chance to conduct his speech. 

Erica reveals to Noah that she can't wait to meet Claire, but when Noah begins to ask questions, she has him locked away, while future Noah and Hiro hide in the wall listening. Hiro must prevent Noah from going after Erica. 

When they leave the room, Angela shows up and warns that Claire is in the hospital. Hiro tells them to go save the cheerleader. When they go to the hospital, they are both shocked to learn that Claire died during child birth and Tommy's mother was the nurse. 

Erica reels Mohinder in and has him shot and bundled up in the parking lot with Harris telling him he'll die with the bomb. Hiro shows up and attacks Harris, but he splits in two and mutates into 3 people. Hiro stops time, but realizes how bad things will get if he leaves it like that.

Past Noah has his mind wiped by Casper.

Noah cries as he stands over Claire's deceased body. Hiro shows up and apologizes and they get ready to leave the timeline, but something stops them from doing so. 

Dennis runs off from Joanna and Luke after his balloon, but Noah begins shooting so people run out of the blast radius. 

Erica goes and checks on Phoebe who claims she doesn't feel the pain anymore and gets ready to send the dark cloud over the summit.

Noah and Hiro look out the hospital window at the wreckage in shock.

Luke sifts through the wreckage to find his son. 

Back at the hospital, Angela, Hiro and Noah come to an agreement to hide Claire's kids in the past in order to save them from Erica. Angela agrees to go back to 1999 to look after them. They name them Nathan and Malina. We also learn that Nathan is dead.

Back at the hospital, Cassidy and Molly accompany Noah, but Molly doesn't want to be the bearer of bad news about Claire's death. 

Noah notices something isn't right when he sees future Noah going after Erica with a gun and he tries to stop him. 

Tommy's mother returns home and apologizes for being so late and has him a small cupcake for his birthday. We get a reveal that Tommy is actually Nathan, Claire's son and that his father taught him everything he needs to know. 


Heroes Reborn
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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Claire? Wait. Who is this?


Erica: It's almost time, Phoebe.
Phoebe: I've never made this much darkness before.
Erica: Well it's got to cover the whole summit.