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Miko makes a last ditch attempt to save her father, but Erica and her team are one step ahead and fill the game with a lot of bugs to make it close to impossible for her plan to work. 

Noah still has Harris captive. Taylor leaves him to go off on her own mission, but she gives Noah a device to restrain him. 

Taylor goes to her mom's office and steals videos that prove she was a villain and then goes and uploads a video to the internet, exposing her mother. 

Noah joins forces with Miko and together, they manage to release Hiro from the game and it saves Noah from being killed by Harris. 

Hiro refuses to go into the past to change the events of June 13 because of what it can do to everything they have done, but Noah manages to talk him round. 

Quentin is killed by his sister when he tries to save her, but she declares that Erica gave her life purpose and she thanks her for that and promises to stay on her pathway to evil.

Erica has been sending the Evo's into the future to a world she's been creating for herself and a select few.

Heroes Reborn
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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

With a power like his, I'm gonna need your help restraining him.


Noah: Where's Hiro Nakamura? Why does Erica have his sword?
Sidekick: Even if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.
Noah: She has him, doesn't she?