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Matt continues to try secure wristbands for Janice and his son, but when Erica doesn't play ball, he threatens Taylor's life. Erica reluctantly agrees, but she gets the last laugh when Matt crashes his car and loses the wristbands. 

Erica comes clean to Taylor that she was raped and that she killed Taylor's father and had her memory wiped. Taylor is horrified to learn that Erica has killed her boyfriend and tells her mother that she'd rather die than spend time with her in the new world. 

Malina and Luke get into a fight with Phoebe and Quentin, with Phoebe running off. Quentin joins the good guys again. Joanne shows up at the school and it leads to a fight with her and Luke. She shoots Malina, but Luke kills her. It emerges that Farrah jamp in front of Malina, saving her.

Ren teams up with Emily and they set out to halt Erica's master plan, but they hit a snag when they witness Miko's dad being murdered by Erica's henchmen. 

Erica sets in motion her final plan of action and starts the process of sending people into the future and when Tommy goes against her, she has him kidnapped and imprisoned in a videogame.

Heroes Reborn
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Heroes Reborn Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Tommy: Is it true?
Erica: Does it matter?
Tommy: Let's get this over with.

Public enemy number 1. You are never getting into gateway.