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On this episode of Hell on Wheels…

The Central Pacific Railroad and Union Pacific Railroad race to the finish, and the winner gets Ogden.

Mickey and Cullen reunite to rerecruit their workers after they discover the “Pirate” has taken them. The “Pirate” is Jim.

They both wind up getting their workers back.

Cullen has a sit-down with Psalms, thanking him for getting a job back then.

The race to the finish comes down to inches, and Psalms and his crew quit Durant’s side to help Cullen get to the end and win.

Collis Huntington gets the win and the bonds, but Durant pulls a move that stops him from getting it without prior inspection of his railroad.

Collis is furious and makes a deal that ultimately gives Durant the win.

Everyone has a victory party.

Cullen breaks down after the railroad is complete.

Hell on Wheels
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