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Kimura, the Yakuza banker, arranged to have Adam's sister Noriko killed. The Yakuza turns him over to Adam. An urban vigilante, Gene Wahale aka the Night Sentinel, is murdered. The Night Sentinel had made 37 citizen's arrests, so the comments on his website give Five-0 a list of suspects. Tani, Adam, and Jerry check out Wahale's apartment. Someone had stolen his video equipment, but Jerry finds Wahale's backup. His rival superhero The Guardian becomes a suspect. The Guardian tries to run from McGarrett and Danny, but Steve shoots him with a beanbag. Jerry interrogates The Guardian, but he says he didn't threaten The Night Sentinel. He claimed Wahale was having financial problems and was selling his valuable comic-book collection. Grover and Jerry check out the comic-book stores to find out who bought the collection. The owner of Other Realms said he sold off his collection to self-publish his own Night Sentinel comic. Jerry reads the comic for clues for who might have killed him. Wahale's father Trevor was an investigative reporter, and Gene was looking into his murder. Jerry, Grover, and Junior find Wahale's secret room, which revealed that he had been following up on his father's conspiracy investigation. Trevor was investigating a police captain and a forensic investigator who were supposedly falsifying evidence, leading to false convictions. The investigator, Frank Willoughby, implicated a retired captain, Ito Ishikawa. in an interview, Ishikawa said Gene was just looking for someone to blame. Ishikawa's lawyer shuts down the interview. McGarrett uses Eddie to track down the person who stole the car that hit Wahale. The suspect starts firing, and McGarrett kills him, wiping out their lead. Michael Pope, Ishikawa's lawyer, also represented the hitman, and he was the prosecutor who benefited from those successful prosecutions. All those falsely convicted will get their cases reopened. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 9 Quotes

I don't know what those [emojis] mean. Can you help me, millennials?

Danny [to Tani and Junior]

You see a couple Batman movies, it doesn't make you a superhero, let alone a cop.