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A private plane in distress lands on an aircraft carrier, with a dead pilot and a live baby onboard.  NCIS Agent Emma Warren tells McGarrett the dead man is a former SEAL buddy of his, Carson Rodes. Tani goes to Adam's house to return the gun and is surprised that he's home, and drunk. He tells her that Kono left him. Noelani gives McGarrett and Danny time to go through Carson's effects, even though it's an NCIS case. Jerry tries to sneak into the hanger as a mechanic, then Grover busts him posing as an NTSB agent. McGarrett gets caught by Warren tossing Carson's room after he took a piece of paper with a number on it. Tani tells McGarrett about Kono leaving Adam. Warren busts McGarrett for tampering with evidence. In custody, Danny sends Danny to sober up Adam. Danny invites Adam to come back to Five-0. Danny brings a letter from the governor which gets McGarrett released. Grover and Tani find five dead bodies where the baby was being held on Lanai. Grover finds a luggage tag for Julia Berg at the scene. Her husband Lee Berg hired Carson to track down her and the baby. McGarrett tells Warren that Berg is lying, so they need to find Julia. Duke serves Adam with a search warrant as part of the investigation of Noriko's murder. Much of the dead muscle at the murder scene came from Kent International, hired by Berg. Five-0 invades the firm's offices and kills everyone. They find Julia there. Carson was helping Julia escape her abusive husband. He took the baby to safety. Berg takes the baby from the hospital. Five-0 catches Berg before he can board his private plane. The gun wasn't at Adam's house. He brought it back to Tani. It had been planted there.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 6 Quotes

Jerry: That plane is going to be locked up pretty tight.
McGarrett: Then you'd better get creative.

It's a pleasure to see you back in this uniform, Sergeant.

McGarrett [to Duke]