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A masked Danny tries to scare McGarrett, but Junior answers the door instead. McGarrett is escorting Dr. Alicia Brown to the courthouse to testify at her murder trial. She admits to McGarrett that she shot Dr. Madison Grey without provocation, but he tells her not to admit that. She insists on telling the truth. Sebastian Wake, a convict on death row, has summoned Grover. Danny and Tani investigate the murder of a pig farmer. Tani says his death resembles an old Hawaiian folk tale. Jerry dresses up as Chevalier Raphael Danceny, Keanu Reeves' character in "Dangerous Liaisons," keeping up Max's Halloween tradition. Wake tells Grover that Clay Maxwell hired him to kill Grover. A second murder is also based on a folk tale. McGarrett gets Alicia's case adjourned so she can help with the new serial killer. Wake said he can prove Clay killed his wife Diane, but he wants a stay of execution. Next a 7-year-old girl, Lacey Bell, is kidnapped. Jerry tracks her cell phone, but it's only her backpack. DNA found at the second scene belongs to Marissa Walker, a previous young kidnap victim. Lacy's mother is Marissa's sister. Alicia is afraid Marissa is trying to re-create what happened with her using Lacey. The warden won't postpone Wake's execution. Junior finds out Tani got hired after being kicked out of the police academy. McGarrett tries to argue that Alicia has immunity since she was working for Five-0 at the time of the shooting. Marissa whacks McGarrett with a shovel, but Alicia wings her. Then Eddie tracks down Lacey. Marissa escapes up a tree. Wake left Grover a map. Tani invites out Junior for pancakes. The D.A. gives Alicia a deal: 18 months probation if she helps Five-0. Grover finds proof in the Everglades about Diane's murder. Marissa visits Hannah's house a week later.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

Tani: I'm truly surprised that McGarrett hasn't shot you yet.
Danny: He's tried, inadvertently.

After we're done, you're going to be glad you watched me die.

Wake [to Grover]