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Tom Boyle, a former mob boss, is killed, and Cammy Lin, who is there with her acupuncturist mother, Mei, witnesses the hit. Eddie has a vet visit. The vet, Dr. Shaw, also takes a look at McGarrett, who is coughing. Mei is found killed dumped in an alley. McGarrett barges into Boyle's wake. Someone is surveilling the wake. Boyle's son Connor grudgingly answers their questions. McGarrett and Danny find Junior at the apartment of Cammy, his friend. Junior takes down a man watching her apartment. Junior had gotten a voicemail from Cammy. Federal surveillance shows Connor having a meeting with a retired German banker. McGarrett visits Triad official Jin Leung for information. He tells McGarrett that Connor is trying to make his own play. He suggests that Tom Boyle had second thoughts about backing Connor's currency deal. McGarrett volunteers Danny as sparring partner for Leung's grandson. Danny beats him after McGarrett tells him to lose. Connor and Ludwig have disappeared before the FBI could arrest them for money laundering. Junior and Tani follow Junior's hunch about where Cammi is hiding, an old rail siding. Junior blames himself for sending Cammy's call to voicemail. Tani finds Cammy, who kicks her butt. One of the men who killed Boyle was a cop. Mei was injured when they tried to escape, and she sent Cammy away. Armed men led by Connor come to where Cammy was hiding. After shooting all the henchmen, Connor takes down the big, corrupt cop and Tani tracks down Connor. Connor killed his paralyzed father, making it look like a suicide. Junior attends Mei's funeral. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 23 Quotes

I spent my life living in the shadow of my father's decisions, good and bad. I don't expect that to change now that he's dead.


Forget the physical. My No. 1 stresser [Danny] just walked in.

McGarrett [to Dr. Shaw]