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Ronnie Turner, an old military friend of McGarrett's, asks him to look into the death of his pilot in an air race. He couldn't believe it was pilot error. Danny and McGarrett meet with NTSB Agent Callahan, who has determined it's pilot error. Junior and Tani are having lunch, then McGarrett calls her in. Grover has Noelani conduct another autopsy on Jason Sax, the pilot. McGarrett and Tani interview Jason's widow Elena, who remembered him quarreling with a man she didn't know on the day he died. Ronnie illegally retrieves an important missing part from a technician who found it. McGarrett and Tani interrogate the technician. The technician says the part had been sabotaged. The part shows up on McGarrett's desk. Analysis showed the part had been tampered with. McGarrett busts Callahan for obstruction of justice. Callahan was on the race team's payroll under the table and was protecting the team by blaming Jason. Jason was actually Luke Nixon, who was a confidential informer for the DEA. Elena is really a drug lord's daughter. McGarrett and Tani go to her hotel room, but she and her son Tomas had already been grabbed by her father's cartel thugs. McGarrett and his team find the cartel members and rescue Elena. McGarrett decides to fly so that Elena and Tomas will get a payout for the team finishing the race. McGarrett almost crashes, but pulls it out in the end. McGarrett finished dead last. Tani checks on her troublesome brother Koa, who actually stole the part for Five-0.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

Junior: It's complicated.
Tani: Trust me, I get complicated.

This guy, making a call like that without a crucial piece of evidence, either he's a total idiot or he's hiding something.

Steve [to Danny]