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McGarrett checks in on Junior Reign's progress at the HPD Academy. McGarrett gets a call from an informant, Toast, and hears gunshots. Toast ends up dead. Jerry reports that Five-0's system has been hacked. With Toast gone, McGarrett goes to recruit Aaron Wright from prison. Aaron discovers the hacker got a list of Five-0's confidential informants. Kamekona is missing when McGarrett meets Junior for lunch. He's supposed to be inspecting Flippa's truck on the North Shore. Aaron discovers the signature of the hacker who broke into the system, and knows him. McGarrett finds Flippa's truck on fire, and rescues Nahale from it just before it explodes. He tells McGarrett that two men took Kamekona. Grover brings in the hacker, Harley Taylor. Kamekona is getting beaten up by thugs of Joey Kang, who thinks Kamekona has his money. Kamekona tells him it's gone. Two men bust in and break out Aaron, shooting Tani in the process. The gun used to kill Toast is tracked to Kahili Marks. Marks is behind breaking out Aaron, who stole the list originally. McGarrett and Grover sweat Harley, who was blackmailed by Aaron. So they put him to work tracking who took Kamekona, and he pinpoints Kang. Kang takes Kamekona on a ride. McGarrett threatens to torch Kang's father's auto-body shop. Mr. Kang calls Joey, and he doesn't kill Kamekona. McGarrett finds Junior living at a mission. McGarrett takes him back to his house. Jerry sings at a memorial to Toast, and McGarrett introduces Junior to everybody. Eddie is still staying with McGarrett. McGarrett goes to check on Tani. Kamekona used Kang's money to build a community gym.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

You're familiar with the steel bowl, right?

Tani [to Aaron]

Your partner's out of town, and you're going rogue. Don't you think there will be blow-back on this?

Grover [to McGarrett]