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The series premiere opened in Pohang South Korea, where a military transport headed out from a military base. Commander Steve McGarrett cell phone rings and the prisoner Aton told him he should get it. On the phone was Aton’s brother, Victor who had McGarrett father at gun point in Hawaii. 

Victor kept McGarrett on the phone to triangulate their location. In the ensuing fire fight most of the soldiers and Anton was killed. In retaliation Victor killed McGarrett’s father.

McGarrett landed in Hawaii for his father’s funeral and met with the Governor who offered him the lead on a task force to stop men like Victor Hesse. McGarrett initially turned her down but after running into resistance at his father’s house in the form of Detective Danny Williams, he took the job.

McGarrett took over the investigation and recruited Danny Williams on to his team. The two of them went to question the man who may have sold Victor Hesse the gun that MacGarrett’s father was shot with. However, things did not go well and the suspect was killed. In his house they found a young asian girl tied up.

Steve and Danny went to see an old friend Chin Ho Kelly who was a Detective and is now a security guard. Steve told Chin that he needed him and it would get him back on the force. With Chin’s help they found they needed to trap a man name Sang Min. To do this they recruited Chin’s cousin Kona who is graduating from the Police Academy.

Kona helped catch Sang and he gave up Victor’s location. Steve and Danny went to the ship that Victor was on and was able to stop the ship and in the shoot out Victor was shot by Steve and fell in the water. The team met at their new headquarters afterwards where they started discussing picking a name for the team.

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Garbage! This is Hawaii Five-O in name only. Anyone who thinks this is better than the original has no imagination or sense of quality. The original had its unrealistic moments, but not to this degree. They just took the old name, music, characters, and location, dressed it up with stupid dialogue, fighting, and explosions, and put it out there to appeal to the third-rate audience that laps up such dredge and calls it entertainment, just like every other show on TV now. If you want to see a good crime drama with great acting, intelligent dialogue, creative and straightforward storytelling, character studies, cops who have emotions and personalities, and plots that do not go over your head or insult your intelligence, or are flooded with soap opera storylines, then watch the original Hawaii Five-O. The first ten seasons are out on DVD.


Two words: it's crap.


Ugh, you've got to be kidding. Awful show. Forced, "cool" banter, ridiculous gun battles and explosions (bad guys have machine guns, MacGarrett has a pistol, and MacGarrett wins, not once, but twice), T & A, resulting in no room for story line, resulting in terrible, almost non-existent plot. Didn't the producers ever watch an episode of the original? It's not about explosions and banter and sex, and it's certainly not about MacGarrett going around and killing everyone in his way. It's about stories and characters. This failed miserably. Cancel!


I thought I'd be disppointed as I remember the original version and lived on Oahu for three years. I was pleasantly surprised. I'm glad they kept the music, characters (and especially adding the new girl). Maybe Steve should dress up more...he's rather slovenly, but CBS did well on this...even compared to the original, which was at times simplistic and less realistic than the new version.


Last night's pilot was the most action packed hour of TV I've seen in recent memory. I hope that this vehicle works for Alex O'Loughlin - I've been a fan of his since his series "Moonlight" which died, IMHO, because of the writer's strike of 09'. I hope three is a charm for him!


The new Hawaii 5-O is that in name only. There is no resemblance to the original except the extremely shortened theme song and names of characters. Totally preposterous story line with illegal actions by law enforcement (something the old crew would never do --- hitting a suspect??!!); extreme violence. Just like the reboot of Knight Rider, expect cancellation within months after the newness and curiosity wears off.


I am a BIG time fan of the first show. I have the nine seasons that have been released on DVD (3 more to go). I thought the reboot was pretty good. I like the fact they got rid of the idiotic version of the theme song they showcased over the summer. I hope, since McGarrett illegal went aboard that chinese vessel that the chinese send WOFAT to deal with McGarrett. I liked seeing the old Mercury that Jack Lord used on the old show.. I just hope McGarrett starts dressing better. Jack Lord's suits are what set him apart from other cop shows from the time. So...as a pilot, two thumbs up... Rob

Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Danny: We shouldn't be doing this without backup.
Steve: You are the backup.
Danny: I am the backup. I hate him so much.

McGarrett: Tell me you know how to swim.
Danny: I know how to swim. I swim for survival, not for fun.