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A luau became a horror show when the body of a dead police officer was unearthed instead of the pig. The dead police officer turned out to be Detective Mecca Hanamoa the former partner of Danno at Hawaii P.D.. Mecca’s widow asked Danno for help uncovering her husband’s killer because the police department was giving her the run around about the investigation.

McGarrett and Danno discovered that Mecca was under investigation by Internal Affairs. That revelation disturbed Danno and he refused to believe it could be true. Further probing into Mecca’s affairs unveiled he had bought a one way ticket to Singapore, and a reluctant dectective in the P.D. revealed that Mecca was either involved with, or investigated the Ochoa cartel.

After a quick stop for shaved ice and information the Five-O went undercover at an art show where an Ochoa connection was selling drugs. After an exciting ride with Danno and McGarrett the gallery’s owner, Bastille, confessed to a  new drug shipment coming in from Ochoa, and he reiterated that there was a police mole.

Danno steadfastly refused to believe that his fallen partner was the mole and a dirty cop despite much of the mounting evidence to the contrary. After he stormed off and had a few beers and a heart-to-heart chat with Chin, Danno decided to try and get the name of the mole out of Sang Min who had made Kono as a cop in a previous investigation. Sang Min eventually agreed to reveal the mole’s identity,  but only under certain conditions.

The Five-O planned a drug bust to get Ochoa using Bastille, but the bust went wrong and Ochoa ended up dead. Investigation into Ochoa’s death revealed that the department mole was in fact the reluctant dective who had mentioned that Ochoa was possibly involved in Mecca’s death.

A good officer’s name was cleared and Danno kept his word to Sang Min who was allowed a glimpse of his wife and son at the beach, but only from afar.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm so glad you're not hotheaded. I'd hate to work with someone like that.

McGarrett [to Danno]

Okay... alright, then give us a name, a number... I'll settle for a hiaku, just point us in a direction.