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The episode opened with a black and white flashback of a woman being assaulted that was intercut with color scenes of a man fleeing from the police on foot and heading towards the U.S.S. Missouri where a tour was taking place.  As the man neared the historical ship he slipped a knife into his pocket. The police continued their pursuit, and one of the officer’s managed to take the suspect by surprise. The man feigned surrender and then disarmed the officer, taking a woman hostage. As the other officers in pursuit yelled for the armed suspect to drop his weapon the man boarded the U.S.S. Missouri with the hostage, claiming that he did not kill his wife.

The Five-O were called in by Laura Hills, the new Public Safety Liaison, to help defuse the hostage situation on board the U.S.S. Missouri. The man who had taken the hostages was Special Warfare Operator, 2nd Class , Graham of the Navy SEALs , and his only demand was that the police find his wife’s murderer within four hours. Steve and Danno were told that the only suspect was the Navy SEAL.

McGarrett decided that the best way to solve the situation was to board the ship himself and talk to Graham while Danno and the rest of the team worked on trying to find the “real” killer. Danno argued that the plan was a mistake, but McGarrett decided to swim out onto the ship alone anyway.

Danno and Chin went and investigated back at the scene of the crime, while Kono went to see if the man’s daughter, Lily, witnessed any of the attack as she was found by the police hiding under the couch.

As McGarrett made his way covertly onto the ship and began to search for the position of the hostages he discovered the tour guide for the ship, who also happened to be an ex-sailor, Ed McKay. McGarrett teamed up with the old man since he knew the layout of the ship and could act as a better guide than any map.

Kono picked up Lily, and decided to take her for shaved ice, knowing that a gentle approach would likely get the girl to open up and talk to her.

As McGarrett and McKay moved through the ship they came upon the sounds of a hostage begging for help because she was hypoglycemic.

At the crime scene Danno and Chin discovered a hidden journal written in Russian along with a safe deposit key. Danno was still unconvinced of Graham’s innocence. After a phone call with McGarrett and a further search of the house it was discovered that Graham was on anti-psychotic medication for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

After McKay made an accidental noise outside the room where the hostages were being held McGarrett quickly disguised himself as a lost tourist and allowed himself to be taken hostage.

Danno and Chin spoke with Graham’s doctor and discovered that off of his medication Graham was susceptible to blackouts, and it was possible he killed his wife without even realizing it.

The situation escalated when one of the hostages tried to flee. Graham dropped the knife he had been carrying and McGarrett quickly picked it up. Graham realized that McGarrett was not just a lost tourist after the scuffle, and McGarrett identified himself as a Navy SEAL and tried to talk  Graham into letting the hostages go. McGarrett managed to convince Graham to let one of the injured hostages go, and reveal some of the events that occurred that morning.  Graham said that he left the house after a fight with his wife and when he returned to the house his wife was dead.

After allowing the injured hostage to leave Graham moved the hostages and locked McGarrett in the head (bathroom) not wanting to play anymore of McGarrett’s “headgames”.  While locked in the bathroom Danno called and he and McGarrett continued to disagree about McGarret’s approach to the situation, as all the evidence continued to point to Graham as his wife’s killer. McGarrett asked Danno to dig deeper as Graham had revealed that his wife had been a Russian citizen and changed her name after she had arrived in  America. After the call McGarrett was released from the bathroom by McKay.

McKay revealed that he served with McGarrett’s grandfather on the Arizona.

While talking with Lily and drawing pictures Kono managed to get the girl to talk about what had happened. Lily revealed that a man was yelling at her mother in another language and then hurt her mother. Lily then saw the man who hurt her mother approaching from the street. While Kono tried to confront the man Lily was kidnapped.

It became clear that Graham was not the one who killed his wife.

It was discovered that the man who kidnapped Lily was actually Lily’s real father, Yegor. Lily’s mother had fled Russia to hide from him. He then killed her after he discovered her whereabouts and was unable to convince her to return with him. Danno, Kono, and Chin moved out to stop him from fleeing the country with Lily.

Meanwhile, after gunshots were fired, McGarrett decided he could no longer try and negotiate with Graham. He threw tear gas into the area with the hostages who fled and were assisted by McKay to get out. As McGarrett entered the area to search for Graham he was taken by surprise and captured. McGarrett’s phone rang and he convinced Graham to allow him to take the call. Graham heard that his wife’s husband, who was supposedly dead, was responsible for her death, but he did not believe it. Graham knocked McGarrett’s  phone into the ocean. Unable to reach McGarrett the Public Safety Liaison called in the S.W.A.T. team.

Danno, Kono, and Chin stopped Yegor’s private plane from taking off and rescued Lily.

McKay took a bullet pushing McGarrett out of the way of gun fire.

McGarret managed to tackle and disarm Graham before the S.W.A.T. team could kill him.

The situation resolved, Graham was allowed a moment with his daughter before he was taken to the police station.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Danno: Okay... Let's say I am you, and you are the bad guy here. I would know that all the ways onto the ship are visable somehow. So, how would you outsmart yourself and get yourself onto that ship without yourself seeing yourself?
Steve: okay, was that an actual question, or were you just throwing words together and hoping they made sense?

Him? And I'm here for what? The entertainment?