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Charlotte's body is loaded into Haven's version of a mortuary's van. Audrey is, as you would be, very upset. She barely got to know her mother.

Dave and Vince are trying to count the number of people whose memories Croatoan altered. Dwight runs in. He wants to put Croatoan down now. Audrey wants to help him, and to do it, Dave has to have another vision.

Duke is still in the middle of a field with some dude.He looks like a young Jon Voight. He's talking about the Crocker history. Croatoan was supposed to come and collect the Troubles and return to the void, but he couldn't. He wasn't strong enough to escape the void. so he turned to the first Crocker to do it. How did he do it? Killed every human being in Roanake.

Dave has absolutely no desire to trigger another vision, even if he's rip roaring drunk when he does it.

Nathan, meanwhile, is the Tarot reader's sister, who has been squatting at the police station. She tried to reach Charlotte in the afterlife. She thinks Charlotte must have crossed over because she can't reach over. Then she breaks the news to Nathan that all of the people he sees before him have been resurrected because her Trouble, yeah, she doesn't just talk to the dead, she brings them back. Whoops.

So the dude talking to Duke is Audrey's father? Huh. He sucks the Troubles out of Duke's head, I think, and then Duke is sent even somewhere else. 

Nathan and Duke and Audrey chat about bringing Charlotte back courtesy of Ona. At least I think that's her name. Charlotte is back, but her memory takes a little time to catch up. Unfortunately for Audrey and Dwight, it doesn't take as long as it did for others, and she disappears, upset.

Duke is in the void. Those funky crabs are strolling along. He runs into Vicky, who is trying to put things back the way they were. It never works. She tells him Nathan and Audrey are in the cemetery, dead, with everyone else.

Audrey looks for Charlotte at Lanie's place. She finds Herb munching on Lanie. Uh oh. There is definitely a problem with the resurrection Trouble.

When Dwight tries to get Charlotte to remember connecting Audrey's father with Croatoan, she balks.

Charlotte eventually remembers, which means she has to die, which she does in Dwight's arms after telling him who killed her.

Dave Teagues.

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Haven Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Gloria: If you're looking for Conan, he took off.
Nathan: Did he say where?
Gloria: No, but if he's pissed as I think he was and he was looking for me? I'd just shoot myself in the head and be done with it.

Nathan: Hey, Herb and the others Ona resurrected seemed fine.
Audrey: It just seems too good to be true.