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Nathan, Duke, and Audrey handle the magic hour.

Audrey wants to go to Colorado to track down parents of The Colorado Kid for information.

A family loses a life, receives phone calls, and returns.

Jordan connects her friend Grady with the Bolt Gun Killer.

James Cogan's mother recognizes Audrey as Sarah.

Audrey makes a pass at Duke, but stops herself before it goes too far.

Audrey discovers Sarah was the mother of James Cogan.

Tommy is the bolt gun killer and shoots Nathan.


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Awesome I finally get my wish Audrey and Duke kissing, its about time these two have had feelings for each other since season one only to have Nathan constantly in the way of them getting together. Will she stop or pull back who knows she is afraid to perhaps do anything with only 20 days left but Duke seems to get her the best as she pretty much is the only one that trust him completely with her life. I am wondering if the difference between this Audrey and the past ones is she has feelings strong ones for the person she is suppose to kill we recall it being told she killed Dukes father perhaps that is the difference in Audrey and Duke they care for each other making the task down the road harder and harder to complete.

Haven Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Audrey: I've been, what, at least three other people in my life and one of them was in love with The Colorado Kid and he could be on the other side of that door and all I can think of is I should have worn better pants.
Duke: Audrey, you are officially a girl. But look, let's just pray that he doesn't have a unibrow.

Ya know, I am all for Audrey staying on vantage. But you don't want to scare the guy. So I'm just suggesting, start soft. You know, small talk. Colorado Avalanche. I don't, personally, but some people do.