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Haven Season 3

"Thanks for the Memories"

Audrey faces difficult truths on the season 3 finale of Haven. Read on for a recap.


When a killer causes havoc during a high school reunion, Nathan and Duke head back to school to help Audrey stop him on Haven.

"Last Goodbyes"

Audrey has to work with the only other person who hasn't fallen under a deep sleep to find the Bolt Gun Killer on Haven.


On Haven, Audrey desperately tries to change her fate when she comes face to face with the Bolt Gun Killer.


When Duke is transported back to the past, Nathan must find a way to bring him back and set the present right on Haven.

"Magic Hour (Part Two)"

Audrey, Tommy and Duke race to find the woman with the resurrection touch to save Nathan on Haven.

"Magic Hour"

On Haven, Nathan, Duke, and Audrey must deal with the magic hour.

"Real Estate"

On Halloween night, Audrey, Nathan, and Duke all end up trapped inside of a local haunted house on Haven.

"Double Jeopardy"

On Haven, a female vigilante forces Audrey to protect the local criminals...and Duke.

"Over My Head"

When there's a sudden increase in ocean related deaths, Audrey begins to investigate on Haven.

"The Farmer"

Audrey hasn't told Nathan yet about The Hunter meteor shower and the possibility of her disappearance during it.


Claire Callahan arrives in Haven this week. What sort of shenanigans will arrive along with her?

"Season 3 Premiere"

Nathan and Duke look for Audrey on the Haven Season 3 premiere. Read on for a recap.

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