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Zoe Hart works to get her job back as the town doctor while Brick does everything in his power to prevent that from happening. When George shows up and confirms that due to the contract hat Zoe signed, she will not be able to practice in the town for 6 months. Brick then hires a private investigator to follow her around because if she practices medicine she will have to pay $350,000.

When George gets in a bloody situation with Linley, he has to call Zoe to get him out so Lavon won't find out that he slept with Linley. Zoe shows up and gets him out of trouble, while stitching him up George confesses that Brick isn't mad at her, he's hurt.

Brick and Zoe reconcile when she apologizes for leaving him and Brick hires her back.

Lemon starts "The Resistance" to over-throw Cricket as the Belle's leader. When she is caught Cricket has her clean up Bluebell, by herself, to let her back into the Belle's. After Lemon completes the task, she reveals that she quits. Annabeth joins her.

Lavon tries to get a minor league team in Bluebell but fails when the woman sponsoring team was an ex of Brick, whose heart he broke.

Hart of Dixie
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I've been trying to unfriend Cameron Lynch since before Facebook was invented!


Lemon, just remember, the sun will come out tomorrow!