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Hart of Dixie Season 2

"On the Road Again"

Zoe heads out on vacation to New York City only to find herself confronted with a medical emergency on the flight there on the season 2 finale of Hart of Dixie.

"I'm Moving On"

Rose and Max attempt to help Zoe when she enters the world of online dating while Shelby and Brick try and figure out if they moved too quick on Hart of Dixie.

"If Tomorrow Never Comes"

Zoe struggles to find the right time to admit her feelings while she unintentionally makes Brick's love life worse on Hart of Dixie.

"The Kiss"

George and Zoe agree to play Romeo and Juliet in the town's Shakespeare festival and Brick offers residents free counseling on Hart of Dixie.

"Why Don't We Get Drunk"

Wade and Lemon enter Lavon's contest to attract spring break vacationers to Blue Bell on Hart of Dixie.

"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

Wade is under suspicion when money goes missing during a church fundraiser and Zoe becomes more protective of Rose on Hart of Dixie.

"Where I Lead Me"

Zoe agrees to babysit Wanda's mom when she agrees to be her maid of honor on Hart of Dixie.

"The Gambler"

Wanda and Tom get engaged on this episode of Hart of Dixie. In a romantic, unusual way!

"Take Me Home, Country Roads"

Wade feels neglected by Zoe, George loses Tansi's dog and Brick's daughters are unhappy about his budding relationship on Hart of Dixie.

"Lovesick Blues"

Wade must stay at his ex-girlfriend's home when a flu epidemic heads towards Bluebell on Hart of Dixie.

"Islands in the Stream"

George's mother begins scheming about Zoe and her son after meeting Tansy and Lavon is suspicious of AnnaBeth's new admirer on Hart of Dixie.

"Old Alabama"

Lavon needs help with Pioneer Day on this Hart of Dixie episode. Elsewhere, George advises Brick on his love life.

"Blue Christmas"

On Hart of Dixie, Zoe may unintentionally ruin the holidays when she works too much to deal with the stress of her mother's visit.

"Sparks Fly"

Wade takes Zoe on a date this week, while Lemon offers Levon more advice about Ruby.

"Achy Breaky Hearts"

On Hart of Dixie, Zoe and Lemon try to find Ruby's angle as her relationship with Lavon intensifies while Wade and George end up going camping.

"Baby, Don't Get Hooked on Me"

McKalya Maroney stops by this episode of Hart of Dixie. Viewers must be impressed by that.

"I Walk the Line"

On Hart of Dixie, when the mayoral race between Ruby and Lavon gets tight, Lemon gets serious about working for the swing votes.

"Walkin' After Midnight"

Zoe fears that George is sleepwalking on this Hart of Dixie episode, while the race between Lavon and Ruby heats up.

"Suspicious Minds"

Zoe grows jealous after seeing Wade with another woman this week. Lavon also takes the fall for Lemon.

"If It Makes You Happy"

On the Hart of Dixie, Zoe invites a reporter to town after she finds out some information in the alumni magazine is incorrect. Ruby, Lemon, and Lavon become entangled in a rivalry.

"Always on My Mind"

Zoe tries to keep her distance from Wade on this Hart of Dixie installment. We also enter BlueBellapalooza.

"I Fall to Pieces"

This Hart of Dixie Season 2 premiere takes the show's love triangle to a new level. Will Zoe make a choice?

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