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Zoe and George talk about their night in New Orleans and agree to stay friends while they figure things out. George and Lemon try to cancel their wedding, but the pastor encourages them to work through their problems in the Bluebell battle.

Wade asks Zoe to join his battle team after Lavon injures himself because he could use the money to open up his bar. Zoe enters the battle with him to prove that she's fighting for George.

Lavon tells Zoe not to string Wade along because he has real feelings for her, and she does it anyway by confessing her feelings to George.

George and Lemon get back together after Lemon makes a grand gesture by trying to finish the race.

Rose is rushed to the ER after he appendix burst during her date.

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Not Wade and Zoe please no. They are not fitted, ugh.


I so agree.... Wade and Zoe are a better couple than Zoe and George. He's just a bit too corny for me and he's better off with Lemon. The chemistry between Zoe and Wade is so hot!!!


I need more on Zoe and Wade there is enough chemistry


I just don't see 'it' between Zoe and George but one photo of Wade shooting a look over at her and there 'it' is. Also, there's just so much room to grow these two as the 'heart' of the show but it seems as though an entire season has gone by and sadly, these characters haven't developed a whole lot.


i love zoe and wade...the way hes looking at her is soo hott!

Hart of Dixie Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Lavon: Zoe, I really don't get how you still don't know this, but Wade likes you.
Zoe: What? No, maybe he did before, but definitely not now.

All it proves is that I'm motivated to have this race end as quickly as possible.