Erica Durance on Harry's Law
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While on a hunting trip, Harry and Tommy come across exotic animals that have gone loose from a local zoo. Among them, an ape named Wentworth, which a local woman enlists Harry and Tommy to defend for personhood so she could claim to be his guardian. It quickly becomes a legal matter about what constitutes personhood, much to the hindrance of Harry and Tommy’s efforts. Ultimately Wentworth is returned to a shelter.

Meanwhile, Cassie and Adam defend one of Adam’s high school classmate, Annie Bilson (Erica Durance), who assumes the persona of Wonder Woman to help woman who are battered and beaten by their husbands. It comes out that Bilson’s urges are a direct reflection of abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband. While Cassie and Adam mounted a powerful defense, in the end it became clear that getting Annie help via a mental institution was a better outlook then the pending jail time.


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Harry's Law Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

We are going to fight....fight for you...and everything is going to be ok.

Tommy [to Wentworth]

Oliver: Drinks later?
Oliver: She could take you...