Harry's Law Season 2

The Harry's Law Cast
"New Kidney on the Block"

Harry, Cassie and Adam take on the case of a young man dying of kidney failure this week. Elsewhere, Tommy and Oliver represent twins, in an especially strange case.

Erica Durance on Harry's Law
"Gorilla My Dreams"

Adam and Cassie defend a vigilante this week. She actually dresses like Wonder Woman and avenges abused females. Harry and Tommy attempt to get a Gorilla legally recognized as a person.

Oliver in Court
"Purple Hearts"

Harry, Oliver and Cassie take on the case of a mother accused of euthanizing her young son this week. Meanwhile, Tommy and Adam work on behalf of an Iraq veteran.

Mark Valley on Harry's Law
"Head Games"

A dead high school football player is at the center of this Harry's Law episode. Tommy, meanwhile, represents a single mother who robbed a bank.

Harry's Law Scene

Oliver and Cassie defend a teen accused of killing other teens this week. Elsewhere, Tommy represents a mortuary owner.

Nate Corddry Promo Pic
"American Girl"

Harry takes on Langford, Ohio this week. She gets mad at the town after it impounds her car.

Taking on Roseanna
"The Rematch"

Harry and Adam take on a case that involves a former prosecutor this week. Meanwhile, Cassie helps Tommy in a divorce case.

Jason Alexander on Harry's Law
"Bad to Worse"

Jason Alexander guest stars this week as a teaser who believes he was fired because he rejected Darwinism. Elsewhere, Ollie and Nate defend a serial dater.

At the Defense Table
"Queen of Snark"

Harry and Oliver take on the case of a teen cyberbully this week. He's charged with negligent homicide.

Kathy Bates as Harry
"Sins of the Father"

The main trial gets underway this week in "Sins of the Father."

Harry's Law Duo
"There Will Be Blood"

Cassie and Oliver follow leads this week, while Harry asks Tommy to handle the media. Read on for a recap.

Harry in Court
"Hosanna Roseanna"

Harry defends a man accused of killing his wife on the season two premiere. Cassie Reynold also joins the team.

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