Happy Together
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Jacobs is talking to Sophie's family and telling lies.

Hanna meets up with her father and she tells him about her capture and about meeting Sophie's family.

Someone picks them up from the restaurant. It looks like Jacobs, but he's known as Dealer. They arrive at a friend's house, friends from his army days including Elsa and Lucas.

She doesn't want to stay there. She wants to stay in a hotel.

Hanna overhears her father talking to the group. She's trying to find answers.

Marissa arrives in Berlin and starts a hunt for Erik with her CIA team.

Erik wakes up Hanna because they need to go somewhere with the team.

They leave Hanna in the car to complete some sort of mission. She's not happy. They're breaking into a trailer for some military grade weapons.

Hanna decides to turn on the radio while she's waiting and loses herself in the music. No alcohol needed.

But even over the music, she senses a car approaching. It's the cops and she tries to hide as they investigate and find a hole in the fence.

Hanna blasts the horn and drives the vehicle to pick up the crew who are being shot at by cops. They get away and she's actually having a blast.

Marissa meets with Jacobs in a bar.

Hanna asks Erik about his past and what he did for Marissa.

He has a flashback about his time with Marissa. They obviously had an affair.

He stops talking to Hanna and leaves.

Marissa arrives at the military station where Erik stole weapons. Erik's people are watching.

She investigates his past associates.

Marissa arrives at her hotel and is disappointed when no packages are waiting for her.

Jacobs visits her and she tells him she thinks she was lured to Berlin by Erik.

Erik meets another friend, Dieter seeking his help, but he declines.

Erik is frustrated and upset but Dieter comes back and tells him he'll help in emergencies only.

Hanna is watching the team plays soccer when her father comes back. They're trying to teach her how to play and she's not quite getting it. Erik realizes keeping her isolated for so long might not be a good idea.

He and Rudi talk about the upcoming job.

Flashback to when Erik met Hanna's mother as she was going into an abortion clinic. She's going to hand the baby over to Erik ... or the agency and Marissa. The mother's name is Johanna.

Jacobs intercepts Lukas at a bar and takes him to Marissa. He denies knowing where Erik is. She offers him money if he helps her out. She'll clear up all his bar tabs and offers him a drink. They low-key threaten him and he doesn't bite.

As he leaves, he tries to tease him with information about Hanna. He still doesn't bite.

He returns to the house and doesn't say a word about anything.

Hanna still wants to help her father, but she's not happy about it and throws a fit. She shows him her DNA sheet but she's pissed and wants to know who she is. He burns the report, telling her it's lies. Lukas is very interested in this turn of events. 

Erik also tells Hanna he needs to kill Marissa.

Flashback to Johanna's labor. Erik escorts her to the car where Jacobs and Marissa are waiting for her.

So Erik is having regrets about whatever the agency is doing to these babies.

Erik finds Hanna in the stairwell. She's sad. She tells him she doesn't want to lose him and then expresses some concerns about Lukas.

He decides to let Hanna go with them. He trusts her and her abilities because he knows what was done to her.

Someone calls Marissa to tell them Erik's team are on their way. Hanna senses danger and tells them there are people at the building waiting. They droop Erik off and he goes to a park instead and is away from the rest of the team.

He finds Lukas. Marissa is watching the whole thing. It's a complete setup and Lukas is involved because he told her everything they were planning.

Rudi finds one of the shooters in hte garage while Jacobs heads to the safehouse looking for Hanna. Lukas doesn't know that Hanna went with the team.

Marissa orders a German-wide alert to be put out on Erik. Dieter shows up in the car. He sends Elsa away while he takes care of Hanna.

Erik knows Lukas is setting him up and  Marissa starts shooting at Erik but he exchanged outfits with Lukas and tricked Marissa.

Meanwhile, in the garage, there's a shootout and Hanna goes to investigate. Dieter follows with the car while it's complete chaos outside.

Marissa sees Heller and follows him. Hanna is running, Dieter is trying to catch up. Elsa and Rudi are doing other things.

Erik knows Marissa is following him. It's a trap. Hanna is outside and doesn't know what's happening when Jacobs shows up.

Jacobs is coming up on her, gun pointed as she stands there fascinated with the smoke and he happenings when Dieter shows up and mows him down.

Marissa goes to an alley where two cops have taken Erik into custody but it's a trick. It's Rudi and Elsa and they turn the tables on Marissa.

Flashback to when Hanna was born but only briefly.
















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Hanna Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Hanna: Did you know my mother?
Elsa: I wish we had.

Hanna: I thought you weren't coming. Where were you?
Erik: I had to make sure you were alone.