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A luchador named Goyo is frustrated by his constant staged losses to another luchador, El Majordomo. He asks his friend Benito, who makes luchador masks, to make him a new, powerful, magic mask so he can win.

Benito, a Wesen, kills a Balam and slices off his face, turning it into a mask using a ritual. He warns Goyo to only wear the mask in the ring and to treat it with respect.

Now empowered by the mask, Goyo handily beats El Majordomo in the next match, to the roars of the crowd. Majordomo tracks him down later that night, angry about the defeat, and picks a fight. Goyo puts the mask back on and, under its influence, kills Majordomo.

Back at his apartment, Goyo again puts the mask on, but this time, it fuses to him. Driven half-mad by its power, he wrecks his apartment before coming to his senses. Returning to Benito's shop, Goyo begs Benito for help, but ends up attacking him after imaginary voices tell him to.

Nick and Hank, investigating Majordomo's death, come to the shop. A dying Benito tells them the ritual to save Goyo. With the help of Monroe and Rosalee, they complete the ritual and remove the mask, though Goyo is still tormented by the voices of the masks.

Meanwhile, Eve investigates Rachel Wood, even as Rachel continues to press Renard to join up with Black Claw.

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

So, we're thinking it's some kind of healing-stick-magic-wand thing?


This takes a facelift to a whole other place.

Hank [regarding a victim who had his face removed]