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A drunk driver crashes his car into a pole. He is then dragged away by a Wesen, who then runs him over with a car and consumes his liquified bones.

Wu continues to experience strange symptoms, such as finding a hairball in his throat and his hand woging in the middle of the precinct.

Eve calls on Rosalee and questions her about Adalind and Nick and what everyone knows. Rosalee thinks that there might still be some vestige of Juliette in Eve.

Hank runs into his old Wesen girlfriend Zuri at the supermarket. She declares that she wants to get back together and that she will make him dinner.

A second boneless body leads Nick and Hank to discover that the Wesen is a vulture-like creature that consumes liquified bones of the already-dying. They decide to set a trap using the scent of dying, as brewed by Rosalee. Monroe serves as their bait.

At first, everything seems on track as they set up in the park. But then Wu experiences a full-on woge and chases after a dog, eventually getting injured. The Wesen decides to go after Wu instead of the desired decoy, Monroe.

The team stops the Wesen before he can run over Wu, and the Wesen steps in front of a truck.

They take his parents to the morgue to see his body, and the parents then consume him, so as not to let his body go to waste.

Renard meets with Adalind and Black Claw drugs her. When she wakes up, she is reunited with Diana.

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Trust isn't a natural thing for us. But I think we need to work on that.


'Don't drink and drive'! How am I supposed to get home?

Drunk Driver