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An accountant discovers a half-million dollars missing from an account. Before he can notify the police, however, he's murdered by his coworker, who is a Wesen and actually responsible for the missing money.

Nick leads the rest of the team back to the warehouse where he and Chavez were attacked in the previous episode, only to discover that it's been cleaned in the same manner that his house was, and all the bodies are missing. Nick's claims are validated, however, when they discover fresh paint covering the parallel claw marks he noticed.

While Nick is on leave, adjusting to being a new dad and Adalind moving in with him for the sake of the baby, Hank is partnered with Detective Pogue to investigate the murdered accountant. The team quickly realizes that the murderer was Wesen and conspire to solve the case while keeping Pogue in the dark.

Nick and Adalind begin to bond as they move into Nick's house, and Adalind declares that she doesn't want to be a Hexenbiest again when the suppressant potion she took eventually wears off. The FBI questions Nick about the disappearance of Agent Chavez.

The team eventually discovers the identity of the murderer and go after him, though he makes a predictable violent escape. They trace calls to the elderly office assistant, who is also Wesen.

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

I think we should get out of here before someone tries to paint over *us*.


Wu: This has *got* to be Wesen!
Hank: Can't wait to explain *that* to Pogue.
Wu: I'll visit you in the psych ward every Tuesday.