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Continuing from the closing moments of the previous episode, Hank dives and tackles Monroe out of the way of Nick's bullet. Juliette leaves, gleeful in the chaos she created. Nick calls Renard to warn him about Juliette but get Jack the Ripper instead.

They rush to Renard's house and find him okay, but they realize that Jack attacked someone else. They find Henrietta dead and decide to put surveillance on the captain's house.

Prince Kenneth and his men murder some of Nick's neighbors and set up surveillance on Nick's house. Juliette has sex with Kenneth in the bedroom.

Renard admits his blackout issues to Nick and Hank, who put things together and realize that Jack may be controlling Renard somehow. Nick and Hank later get confirmation when they explain Renard's symptoms to Adalind.

She explains that when Renard's mother brought him back to life, something hitched a ride back with him and has been possessing him. They need to find a way to kill him without killing him to exorcise the spirit.

Jack takes control of Renard again and attacks Wu, locking him in the back of his own police car and driving to find another prostitute to murder. Fortunately, Nick and Hank show up in time to stop Jack, and they take Renard to the spice shop.

Using a paralytic and some rubber bullets, they fake Jack into thinking Renard was actually dying, and the spirit leaves him.

Trubel shows up to tell them that something terrible happened at Nick's house: Nick's mother was there with Diana, lured into the trap by Juliette's message, and killed by Kenneth. Nick finds Kelly's head in a box.

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Grimm Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

Hank: What if Jack's not gone?
Rosalee: Then shoot him for real!

Bud: I don't know how you guys do it. I mean, living with this tension all the time!
Hank: For one thing, we don't use bats.