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Hank, Monroe, Rosalee, and Juliette frantically search the container yard looking for a missing Nick while being chased by zombies. Unable to find him, they call Captain Renard, who informs them that his brother has Nick and he's being taken out of the country. They try to stop the plane, but the Wesen who turns people into zombies thwarts the patrol car. With the plane in the air and heading for Europe, everything seems to going smoothly - until Nick wakes up as a zombie. Nick does not follow the Wesen's orders and eventually crashes the plane and wanders off to a bar. Nick takes down everyone in the bar and runs to a house in the nearby woods. By this time, the pack has found him and Monroe and Hank head into the woods to sniff him out.

Meanwhile, Adalind collects Frau Pech's body parts and works to complete the ritual to gain her powers.

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This ain't over yet.


Oh, that's creepy.