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Nick and Hank investigate a man who blinds his victims. When Nick and Hank catch up to him, Nick gets in a fight with him. Nick, not knowing how he blinds his victims, attempts to handcuff him and he blinds Nick.

Hank brings Nick back to the spice shop. Rosalee figures out that they need to extract the Wesen’s eyeball to make the antidote. Nick remembers what he read in the trailer and goes with them to the scene of the crime. Nick’s hearing is heightened thanks to the blindness, and he’s able to bring the criminal down with using just his sight. Rosalee mixes the antidote and restores Nick’s site.

The episode ends with Monroe and Nick out in the woods. Monroe throws melons at Nick while he’s blindfolded and Nick hits every one. Nick’s heightened sense of hearing never went away after his sight was restored.

Meanwhile, Juliette is having visions of Nick and Adalind reveals that the father of her baby is either Renard or his brother.

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