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Nick tries to keep his emotions in check and he watches Juliette and Renard kiss.

Juliette and Renard's attractions grow deadly as Juliette tries to shoot him after they both try being passionate with one another. Rosalee comes back to Portland and figures out the purification potions gives them feelings they cannot control which turn deadly.

Adalind and Renard have sex, and the episode ends with Adalind holding a positive pregnancy test.

Renard finds the key and Nick grows furious. Renard calls him and tells him they should meet. They meet at the house from the pilot episode and a fight ensues. Renard eventually gets Nick to calm down by first giving him the key back. He explains that if they kill each other nothing will change and nothing will end. Their only chance of surviving is to work together and to get rid of these feelings for Juliette.

Nick decides to take the purification potion, and the episode ends with Nick on the spice shop's floor.

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Grimm Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Yeah, later, the captain took something that belongs to me.


Hank: What's the Captain got to do with this?
Nick: Everything!