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Nick investigates a breaking and entering by Goldilocks and her boyfriend into the Three Bears’ house. The bears kidnap her boyfriend for one of their coming of age rituals.

Nick is forced to investigate both sides of the story, and eventually discovers that the boys did indeed kidnap the boyfriend, but not before Goldilocks heads back to the house and ends up getting herself captured.

Nick appeals to the father to stop this senseless ritual and he agrees. The two of them find the boys before anything bad happens.

Meanwhile, Eddie is tasked with protecting Aunt Marie. He does so but leaves after ripping an attackers arm out.

Aunt Marie fends off one last bad guy before succumbing to her cancer and passing away.

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Grimm Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Who wales anymore?


[Pulls a man's arm out of its socket] Okay that went a little too far.