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Grimm Season 1

"Woman in Black"

On the season finale of Grimm, a woman in black brings added complications for Nick and Hank and the mystery of the coins intensifies.

"Big Feet"

On Grimm, a friend of Monroe's ends up involved in a double homicide

"Happily Ever Aftermath"

Hank and Nick look into the link between a rich woman's death and her step-daughter's financial issues on Grimm.

"Leave It To Beavers"

A rift in the creature world comes to light when a construction worker is found dead on Grimm.

"Cat and Mouse"

Rosalee and Monroe protect a murder suspect from a creature bounty hunter on Grimm.

"Love Sick"

When Hank and Sgt. Wu are in danger, Monroe and Rosalee attempt to help on Grimm.

"The Thing With Feathers"

Nick runs into a problem during his romantic getaway attempt with Juliette this week. Hank and Monroe, meanwhile, embark on new romances.

"Island of Dreams"

Nick and Monroe look into the killing of a spice shop owner this week, while Capt. Renard recruits Adalind to hex Hank.

"Plumed Serpent"

Nick is in the heated world of Portland fire dancing this week. He meets a woman there who, it must be said, could be too hot to handle.

"Three Coins in a Fuchsbau"

Titus Welliver guest stars on this episode of Grimm. It centers on a few questions about a botched robbery and a set of rare coins.

"Last Grimm Standing"

Grimm goes all fight club this week, as a double homicide investigation takes Nick and Monroe to a dangerous place.


Nick and Hank go after a deadly heartbreaker on Grimm this week, while Nick's status in the creature work create concern over Juliette.

"Organ Grinder"

Nick comes across a black market that supplies human organs to the creature world this week. Yep, that's a problem.

"Of Mouse and Man"

A message from the creature community upsets Monroe this week, while a gross homicide could be linked to a man's childhood.

"Game Ogre"

A prison escapee is all about revenge on Grimm this week. Nick suspects the guy is a monster.

"Let Down Your Hair"

A murder case takes Nick and Hank into the woods this week. It also re-opens a missing persons case.

"The Three Bad Wolves"

An arson case is at the center of this Grimm installment. Elsewhere, Elsewhere, Monroe is forced to confront his past.

"Danse Macabre"

A high school teacher turns up dead this week. The case leads Nick toward a troubled musical prodigy.


Monroe goes undercover this week, while a stranger seeks revenge for the death of a pal at the hands of a Grimm.


A flash mob leads to a homicide this week. Nick also learns more about his background.

"Bears Will Be Bears"

Nick and Hank are led to a mysterious family this week. They have a history of blurring good and evil.


Nick Burckhardt learns something major about himself and his family. We meet him on the premiere of Grimm.

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