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  • Meredith works with Bailey and Ross on a liver transplant which requires her flying.
  • Derek operates again.
  • Arizona deals with Phantom Limb Syndrome but gets through with Owen’s help.
  • A financial advisor named Alana comes to SGH to help find ways to cut costs. She wants to cut the ER. She is a former student of Richards. 
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Thanks a bunch for the answer!!!! I was driving me and my mom nuts.


the pregnant liver transplant's partner us Navi Rawat from the OC and Numb3rs... YOU'RE WELCOME!


Who played the pregnant liver transplant's partner?


is a matt hires song going to be played on tonights episode. if so, which song.. thank you


I totally am not liking the 'hints' for next week's episode. Meredith's worst fear isn't flying. Her worst fear is getting Early Onset Alzheimer's. I ...will stop watching the show entirely if that's what it is.


I think Dr. Cahill Will be the new Chief of Surgery. Owen will go back to his old job. Mer is affraid to fly so I think that's her worst fear she will have to for some reason or something happens with Zola. The dr.'s may not get their money if an appeal is filed. I know I had a large case and as soon as the judgement was made the other side stood up and appealed. So they will most likely take a lot lower settlement.


This is the episode where Constance Zimmer as Dr Cahill will make her first appearance but we will hear her and not see her. I am sure she will be doing something to help Arizona. There is definitely some connection there.

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 12 Quotes

Put on your big girl pants, you're about to learn how to run the pit.


It's these stupid pregnancy hormones. They make me want to have sex all the time.


Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 12 Music

  Song Artist
Lord huron time to run Time To Run Lord Huron iTunes
Future of forestry someone Someone Future Of Forestry iTunes
Song Forever Matt Hires