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  • Meredith has Heather contact Derek’s sisters to see if one wants to donate a nerve for his hand. His sister Lizzie comes to Seattle to do so.
  • Leah and Stephanie fight for surgeries and end up getting banned from the OR after making a mistake.
  • Alex works with Jo on an infant and gets to know more about her.
  • Shane works with April and is selected to help Callie and Avery operate on Derek.
  • Heather finds out that Meredith is pregnant. 
Episode Number:

9:00 PM. But what time zone are we talking about?


There is one more episode after this one, 9x09 which is the winter finale.


Is this the winter finale or there will be another episode before the xmas break ?


Where is the [post it in the new house?

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

Those lumps are attached to people. Scared people!


Does she belong to any of you?


Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 8 Music

  Song Artist
Song Something All Our Own Broadheds
Song Knock You Out Tiesto ft Emily Haines
Song Nothing That I Care About Broadheds