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Picking up where "Sanctuary" left off, Meredith tells Derek to stay awake as she tries to stop the bleeding. Lexie runs into Clark, but a sniper shoots him before he can shoot her.

She later tells Karev that she loves him and they have a delirious exchange - he thinks she's Izzie - as Sloan looks on in disbelief.

Mr. Clark, bleeding, comes across Torres as she works with a child. She gives him bandages and he goes away.

Cristina, who is only a resident, decides to do the surgery on Derek herself. She bars Meredith from the operating room.

Richard slips into the hospital. Owen goes back in to find Cristina. Bailey freaks out when the elevators don’t work.

Owen tells Meredith to stay down as he goes into the O.R. The shooter is in the O.R. with Cristina! Owen tries to diffuse it.

The shooter wants Cristina to stop her surgery and let Derek die.

Meredith tells the shooter to shoot her. Instead he shoots Owen. The doctors let Derek’s vitals seemingly slip away - and the shooter leaves. But  the machine’s wires have been pulled.

Owen is fine, the bullet went through his shoulder. But Meredith, of course, is having a miscarriage. Such a sad moment.

Richard confronts Mr. Clark, who has just one bullet left. He tells him to make a choice about his life and the afterlife.

The SWAT team closes in. The shooter kills himself. Richard is seen shaking hands afterward, having saved the day.

Back in the O.R., Derek’s heart is beating again. He asks to see Meredith. She throws away the pregnancy test.

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If I wasn't holding my breath, I was crying my eyes out. When Bailey broke down because the elevators were shut down and then she told Percy "Yes you are dying" and held him I was sobbing. Yes, this episode was intense but so well written and acted. It was an amazing finale to a pretty damn good season!


WOW! Best season finale ever! Kudos to Shonda & Company for not leaving us hanging until next season. Happy none of the regulars were killed off and that Arizona and Callie are back together. Only bummer is Mer losing "McBaby".


personaly, best season finale ever. best shows ever! i didn't think der was going to get shot! i dunno why. because that would have set something up big. but i was surprised how they tricked the shooter into thinking that der was dead... that confused me a little. it was a little confusing because you would think that he wouldn't believe it...


I love this show to death. It is definitely one of the only reasons I watch TV. But in the case of the season finale, I agree with most: It was simply too much. It became a bit unrealistic when the shooter "somehow" finds his way to the one OR Derek is being operated on! Its a pretty big hospital and considering he just shot dozens of people including Derek (whom he shot and could only assume was dead already) and was then on to find Lexie and Webber, it amazes me how he walks in and recognizes Derek on the table!!! Its a big drastic, dont you think? Meredith losing the baby in the end was just too awful. Meredith should have told Derek about the baby before she lost it. The whole episode just played to intensely with emotions. Highs and lows of all kinds. It only makes me wonder, how they are going to up this finale next season? Its a brilliant show and Ill never stop watching it.


This was just too much. Too many deaths, too many scenes calculated to shock, too much drama. Sure it was intense, sure it was entertaining. Seriously, what could make you feel better on your couches than watching the shooting and dying of innocent people, very graphically, while emotional songs are playing to emphasise the mood..!? Disturbing, it is, this entertaining violece. Besides, I think it was pretty unfair to kill both Reed and Percy. They weren't much seen, they hardly had any lines, nobody cares whether they were on the show or not - hey, they were PERFECT targets for a lunatic shooter! Lots of emotions and tears for the viewers but no need to sacrifice any real characters. Nice, Rhimes!


it just killed me when mer and der were talking before surgery and he asked mer to kiss him. he thought he was gonna die. i literally started bawling my eyes out.


I'm so pissed! Meredith lost the baby! Shonda killed the show!!!


Reed gets killed with a shot to the head, and later on April confesses Reed was her best friend. Percy(AKA Charlie) gets shot and Bailey and her patient(guest star Mandy moore) must take care of him. They try to drag him into the elevator to get him to an OR but they shut down the Elevators, and they remain with Percy as he dies. Alex survives, thanks to Mark and Lexie. Derek does get shot, right at the end of the first episode, and the bullet is lodged RIGHT beside his Aorta. Teddy is on another floor with Hunt, wheeling her other patient to safety, and Christina is forced to operate with the help of Jackson. Christina forces Mer and April to stay outside the OR in the scrub room, and then once hunt and Teddy get their patient safe, Hunt returns. He walks in to find the Shooter with a gun aimed at Christina. He says if she doesn't stop operating on Derek, he'll shoot. Mer sees this, and comes in saying "Shoot me. I am the closest thing to a daughter to Richard Webber, the woman who unplugged your wife is my sister, and the man on the operating table is my husband. If you want them to suffer, shoot me. I am your eye for an eye." the shooter turns to shoot her and hunt goes after him but gets shot down(through and through to the shoulder, he's fine. But Christina says to Mer to take april and fix him up, and as this happens, the stress gives way to Mer and she has a miscarriage) and while this goes on, Jackson unpluggs the wires off of Derek to make the monitor seem to flatline. the shooter sees this and runs off again, then they re-hook him in and start to work again. This. Was. The. BEST. EPISODE. EVER.


Reed dies - others may die; perhaps Percy Alex is shot (please don't make Alex die we all love him; and, his story isn't over yet) Derek may get shot (but he won't die) or he becomes so guilty over Mr. Clark flipping out that he steps down and Richard has to take over (please don't make Richard die; because of his connection to Ellis Grey, he's ingrained in SG)

Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 24 Quotes

Cristina: You're freaking me out and I don't have time to be freaked out right now. Mer is a mess. Derek is a mess. You are a mess and I am in charge and I say that no one is down her.
Jackson: You're not supposed to be walking around.
Cristina: Damn it Jackson.

[narrating] The human life is made up of choices. Yes or no. In or out. Up or down. And then there are the choices that matter. Love or hate. To be a hero or to be a coward. To fight or to give in. To live. Or die. Live or die. That's the important choice. And it's not always in our hands.