Into His Own Hands - Grand Hotel
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Spring break has come to the Riviera Grand.

Danny has to deliver flowers to Alicia for Oliver.

Santiago knows about Ingrid and Mateo being the real father. Mateo is claiming he didn't know. 

Yoli is upset with Gigi about how she handled Yoli coming out.

Javi is partying to stop himself from thinking about Ingrid and the baby.

Santiago asks Mrs. P to poach Ingrid to be the head of housekeeping for the Finn. 

A spring breaker, Emily, asks Jason about Sky. 

Gigi's apology to Yoli backfires. 

Mateo offers to help Santiago take care of Finn.

Santiago puts up a massive sign to block The Finn's pool from getting sunlight.

Danny and Jason are on a hunt to find Emily.

Ingrid is trying to get Javi to forgive her. 

Alicia is trying to use Oliver to make Danny jealous.

Gigi throws Yoli a coming-out party with members of the LGBTQ community.

Danny tries to warn Alicia that Oliver is plotting something.

Gigi thinks she is telling the party a story about Yoli, but it turns out that it was Carolina. 

Ingrid shows up to apologize to Javi and he rejects her.

Javi insults Ingrid in front of Jason and Jason defends her. 

Finn comes on to Mrs. P. 

Mrs. P asks Santiago to let her come back and stop working for Finn. 

Gigi tells Yoli the reason she has kept distance between them is that Yoli reminds Gigi of Yoli and Carolina's dad. 

El Rey jumps ship and goes to The Finn.

Santiago takes Mateo up on his offer to have his people go after The Finn. 

Carolina tells Yoli she knows where to find their dad. 

Emily, aka Chloe, tells Danny that Sky was dealing drugs. 


Grand Hotel
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Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Gigi: Where's your sister?
Carolina: Not coming. She's still mad at you.
Gigi: How does she expect me to react when she came out in front of all those people. Everyone was staring at me, Carol.
Carolina: Maybe it wasn't about you.
Gigi: I guess I could have handled it better. I don't know. I'll talk to her.
Carolina: Good. She's here, she's queer, and you have to get used to her.

Alicia: Danny?
Danny: Oh, hey, Alicia, those are for you. Not from me. From Oliver, I'm guessing. I didn't read the card.
Alicia: Were you just running away?
Danny: No, I was briskly walking away from a potentially awkward situation.
Alicia: Danny, it doesn't have to be awkward. You weren't interested, and Oliver is.
Danny: Clearly. I mean the red roses are a little on the nose, but it's the thought that counts.
Alicia: Well, I just think he's direct about what he wants, which I find so refreshing. Also, that sexy British accent does not hurt. So I guess it all worked out for the best.