Facing Obstacles - Grand Hotel
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Mateo tells Santiago that Nelson's death was a lucky break for them.

Gigi, Alicia and Mrs. P are planning a gala. 

Mrs. P calls out Alicia on her feelings for Danny.

Santiago meets the man building a new hotel, Mr. Finn. Santiago worries that the noise will ruin the gala. 

Employees are jumping ship to the new hotel. 

Jason finds out about Heather. 

Jason and Danny suspect that Javi was the one sleeping with Sky.

Javi, Ingrid, and Gigi are going to Ingrid's first ultrasound appointment. 

Javi asks Ingrid to go to the gala with him.

Marissa calls Yoli her girlfriend. 

Marissa finds Yoli's box with mementos of Sky.

Alicia's old college classmate, Oliver, is the Associate Manager of the new hotel. 

Alicia is going to have dinner with Oliver to catch up and discuss business. 

Javi is being a supportive partner. 

Gigi steals one of Ingrid's blood samples to do a paternity test. 

Marissa goes to Jason for advice about Yoli and Jason figures out it was her that Sky was seeing. 

Oliver and Alicia figured out a solution to the noise problem: Moving the gala to the lobby and Finn by a table at the gala. 

Mrs. P is interviewing at The Finn.

Gigi asks the doctor to do a paternity test on Mateo when Javi won't coroporate. 

Santiago goes to confront Finn. 

Heather and Danny are fighting because she feels like he is distant. 

Marissa confronts Yoli about Sky. 

Gigi finds out that Mateo is the father and tells Ingrid she knows. She wants Ingrid to be the one to tell Javi.

Mrs. P tells Santiago about her job offer and says if he can't match it then she is taking the offer.

Danny is jealous of Oliver.

Ingrid is having a hard time coming clean to Danny.

Mrs. P takes the job offer. 

Jason and Danny team up to get answers from Yoli. 

Yoli revealed she only broke into the apartment and attacked him because she couldn't risk getting outed.

Mateo tries to convince Gigi not to tell Santiago the truth.

Santiago gets construction shut down on The Finn. 

Ingrid tells Javi the truth.

Mrs. P didn't really take the job. Santiago made her a better offer, but she is going to go in as a spy. 

Jason encourages Danny to go after Alicia before it is too late.

Ingrid takes comfort in Jason.

Yoli comes out. 


Grand Hotel
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Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Carolina: I need final approval on your gala list. Is that your dress? I can't.
Yoli: I thought it looked nice.
Carolina: There's gonna be tons of hot single guys there. They don't want nice; they want sexy.

Mrs. P: You bringing anybody?
Alicia: No. No, no, no, no no. Definitely not.
Mrs. P: What about Danny? I practically raised you. You think I don't know when you have a crush?
Alicia: Well, whatever that was is over. Danny made that very clear.