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Graceland Season 1


On the season finale of Graceland, a member of the house is taken hostage by a cartel enforcer.

"Happy Endings"

Mike and Briggs continue their search into Juan's disappearance while Briggs must make a serious decision concerning his future on Graceland.

"King's Castle"

Charlie decides to get to the bottom of things when she uncovers a secret about Briggs while Mike learns the Briggs may have something to do with Juan's disappearance.

"Smoke Alarm"

Bello and the Cazo Cartel go to war while Briggs must confront his past on Graceland.

"Bag Man"

Mike pushes harder during a case while the bond between Briggs and Bello is tested when a case takes a dangerous turn on Graceland.

"Goodbye High"

Briggs deals with the fallout from coming clean to Mike while digging new holes for himself. Mike decides whether or not to end his relationship with Abby.

"Hair of the Dog"

Mike helps Bello steal from another drug cartel while Briggs helps Charlie cover up a bust that went wrong on Graceland.


Briggs and Charlie pose as a couple while undercover and Mike gets in deeper with Bello's organization on Graceland.

"Pizza Box"

Mike is recruited by a Nigerian drug lord to help give his men firearms training while Paige stages an operation to take down a female pot farmer on Graceland.

"Heat Run"

Briggs assists Lauren in making her case against the Russian Mafia by using house resources on Graceland.

"Guadalajara Dog"

The team pits gang members against one another while Mike tries to deal with the challenges of his undercover assignment on Graceland.


On the series premiere of Graceland, FBI agent Mike Warren gets a new assignment living in a beachfront home with a bunch of agents from other law enforcement agencies.

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