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Tabitha goes to a bar with a secret gambling room. There she tells The Lady she wants to hire an assassin to kill Jim Gordon.

Jim is at the hospital talking to the doctor overseeing Barbara. She is in a coma. 

Nygma has taken Penguin to his place. Penguin wakes up but Nygma injects him with a sleeping agent and Penguin goes back to sleep.

At GCPD, Jim is looking through his drawers for his phone. Lee has his phone and gives it to him. They talk about what happened with Barbara. Lee is concerned about Jim and their relationship.

Silver is at Wayne Manor talking to Bruce. He's trying to find out if she knows anything about the people who murdered his parents. Alfred walks in and kicks her out but before she leaves she gives Bruce a key to a hotel and tells him to meet her there.

Alfred and Bruce argue. Bruce doesn't like that Alfred is telling him what to do. He really wants to know if Galavan knows anything, but Alfred bans Bruce from seeing Silver or pursuing Galavan's claims.

Gordon gets on an elevator to Galavan's penthouse. Another guy enters the elevator. He starts talking to Gordon then pulls a piano wire on him and tries to kill him. Gordon overcomes him. He drags the guy into Galavan's penthouse. He looks for his ID, finds the guys phone. It rings and he picks it up. It's The Lady. Neither says anything.

The Lady interrupts a craps game and asks for someone to kill Gordon before sunrise.

Nygma is offering Penguin a glass of water. Penguin wants nothing to do with anything. He tries to leave, but Nygma convinces him to stay. Tells him he's not strong enough to leave yet. Nygma shares his murder history with Penguin. Penguin looks at him like he's crazy. Nygma wants advice. He wants Penguin to be his mentor. Penguin is still grieving his mother. He gets up and goes to the window. He turns to leave but passes out after taking two steps.

Gordon is trying to get answers from the would-be assassin. He holds him over a ledge before Barnes stops him. He and Barnes argue.

Security camera shows more assassins on their way up. The cops lock up and get ready for the invasion. The assassins come in with a bang. A firefight ensues but Barnes, Gordon, and the rookie Parks overcome them.  

After it's over Barnes wants to leave, but Gordon still wants to investigate Galavan's place. Gordon finds a monk's outfit. One of the assassins isn't dead and he comes after Gordon. Barnes sees him, pushes Gordon away but ends up getting stabbed in the leg. He shoots and kills the guy. Barnes has a severe leg wound.

Penguin wakes up and Nygma has one of Galavan's lackey's tied up for him. He tries to get Penguin to kill the guy, but Penguin refuses. He tells Nygma he is going to leave Gotham after he rests up. He gets in bed and starts humming a tune as Nygma puts the captive in a closet.

Eduardo Flamingo is torturing a guy when The Lady calls him. She wants him to kill Gordon.

Gordon is trying to stem Barnes' bleeding. They are waiting for an ambulance. Gordon tells Barnes about what happened at the church. Barnes shares a war story where he crossed the line. He put a gun in a guy's mouth and blew his head off.  He regretted it for a long time.

Alfred is sitting in the study when Bruce shows up. He's going to bed, but Alfred lets him know that he sent the taxi Bruce hired away and shows him the keys to the hotel. Bruce isn't going anywhere. Bruce is angry that Alfred figured out what Bruce was up to.

Penguin wakes up again. Nygma is playing music. Penguin waants to know why Nygma is playing that particular song. Nygma gives him a riddle about memories. Penguin tells Nygma about the song and how his mother would sing it to him at night. Nygma tells Penguin about Kringle's glasses which he kept. He tells Penguin that he's free now that his mother is gone. Penguin gets angry and takes a knife to him, but Nygma calms him down and he gives the knife back to Nygma.

At Galavan's place the cops finally show up but not the ambulance. Flamingo shows up too and kills all the cops. He calls Gordon and tells Gordon he's coming for him. Jim decides to go down and meet him instead. When he gets outside, he and Flamingo fight. Jim beats Flamingo and puts a gun in the guy's mouth and is about to shoot him, but arrests him instead.

Nygma and Penguin are having dinner. Penguin is in a better mood. He has Nygma take him to Galavan's lackey.

Bruce is going to sneak out of the house when Cat shows up. She tells Bruce that Silver is bad news and she has proof.

At the GCPD, rookie Parks is bringing Flamingo in when he turns on her and bites her in the neck, killing her.

Jim is at home with Lee. They are talking about the events of the day. Gordon's phone rings and Lee picks it up. She tells him the news about Parks' death.

Tabitha is visiting her brother in jail. He is not happy about her hiring assassins. He tells her that she is going to ruin their plan and says that if she does something stupid like that again he will kill her.

Father Creel shows up at the dock to greet a group of monks. A cop shows up and the monks kill him and start walking towards the city.


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Gotham Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Getting information out of a girl like that requires a level of deception you do not yet possess.


Most people fight their dark side. Lately, you find ways to give in to it.