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Juliet’s master plan was to drug Serena, transport her to a seedy motel in Queens and surround her with pill bottles. S also has some drugs in her system, calling 911 when she awakes.

Once they get word that she’s in the hospital, the rest of the cast thinks she’s off the wagon. Everyone except Dan.

Lily lets a doctor convince her to send Serena to rehab. Serena continues to insist she didn’t do anything wrong.

Dan lets her know that he believes her and helps her bust out of rehab.

D and S escape to the Brooklyn loft, where they’re intercepted by Lily and Blair. The two camps have words.

A Gossip Girl blast is sent out of a masked blonde girl doing something that looks a lot like snorting cocaine.

The picture is enough to convince S that she must have actually gone wild without remembering why.

Blair eventually learns the truth from Jenny, who goes to confront Juliet, sees her mask in her empty apartment, figures out that she took the plan too far and comes clean.

Jenny leaves again, however, rather than play double agent and take Juliet down.

Earlier, Juliet had managed to scare Vanessa into staying quiet and Vanessa, in turn, betrayed J by telling Rufus that the whole life-ruining thing was all Jenny’s doing.

Juliet meets with Lily, who has apparently pledged to give her money once a month in exchange for keeping quiet about Serena's affair back in boarding school.

Blair goes to recruit Dan for a fact-finding mission. Juliet is going down.

Meanwhile, Nate has been trying to get his mother to give his dad a chance, which she eventually does. At the end, we learn that Nate's dad is coming up for parole soon, which may have been his entire motive for reaching out to the family.

Chair does not have sex this week, but they make great friends.

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