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The Finer family accompanies Ali to a doctor visit where she reveals that the chemo treatment isn't working. 

The oncologist suggests a more aggressive form of treatment, which Ali immediately agrees to to. 

Miles gets a suggestion from the God Account to go see a movie at the Harlem Cinema House and suggests that he and Ali play hooky for the day.

"I'll just tell them I have cancer," Ali says with a laugh. 

The duo visit the cinema house from their childhood and re-connect with the owner, Mr. Johnson, who still remembers them. 

He introduces them to Haley, who is working the concession stand, and both Johnson and Haley become Miles' Friend Suggestions. 

They also meet Leo, who runs the projections at the cinema house, who becomes the third friend suggestion. 

Ali calls for back-up, and Cara and Rakesh arrive ready to get to the bottom of the mystery and help some people in need. 

Cara realizes that Haley gets an odd text message and rushes out to go to a "job interview," which Miles assures Cara is for tomorrow. 

They follow Haley and see she's meeting with some shady dude, which likely isn't a good sign considering she has a record. 

Haley is surprised to see them and asks if they were following her. (They were.)

They explain they're worried about her and ask what the meeting was about. 

Haley comes clean about stealing Mr. Johnson's wife's ring before she even began working for him. 

Once she realized she stole from him, she felt embarrassed and now that the cinema house was having money troubles, she was trying to get the ring back. 

Of course, she told Owen, the man who pawned it off in the first place, that the ring was worth over $100,000, and he bought it for himself and refused to give it back. 

During an altercation at the cinema house, Leo realized Haley was the thief. Mr. Johnson overheard and expressed his disappointment. 

Haley decided to turn herself in, but Mr. Johnsons stopped her. He was more mad she lied to him, but realized if she hadn't stolen that their paths might never have crossed. 

He forgave her. 

Leo is upset with Rakesh because his movie for the film school was under the required time, a side-effect of Rakesh compressing the file. 

Rakesh apologizes and they come up with a brilliant plan to screen Leo's short-film during the final night of the cinema house. 

At the event, Leo is shocked to see his movie on the big screen, but pleased with the warm reception it received from the audience. 

Johnson introduces him to a movie producer who informs him about an internship. 

Miles still can't get over the fact that they couldn't save the theater and mentions the film the God Account kept suggesting. 

Leo remembers there was an original poster from that film downstairs in the basement. 

When they go down there, they find a secret door behind the poster and inside, an extensive collection of original copies of the most famous movies. 

Leo suggests the collection is worth enough to renovate the cinema house and keep it open for good. 

God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Miles: And you can call in sick.
Ali: I can tell them I have cancer.

It looks like the God Account really did want us to go to the movies.