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Glee Season 3


The title of the Glee season finale says it all, doesn't it? It's time for McKinley High's seniors to say goodbye.


The New Directions are off to Nationals to compete against Vocal Adrenaline for bragging rights and a $10,000 grant. Lindsay Lohan and Perez Hilton, along with Whoopi Goldberg, guest star.


Tina falls into a fountain at the mall and hits her head on this episode of Glee. The result? Freaky Friday, Glee style.


As their senior year comes to a close, some members of the New Directions prepare for the prom while others plan an anti-prom. Quinn campaigns for queen with Finn as her king.


Kurt and Rachel's final NYADA auditions take place. One of them does well, while the other one chokes. Puck must pass a test to graduate. The girls help Coach Beiste.

"Dance With Somebody"

New Directions will pay tribute to the late, great Whitney Houston by covering some of her biggest chart-toppers in this episode.

"Saturday Night Glee-ver"

Saturday Night Glee-ver, fittingly, features the Glee club paying homage to the movie Saturday Night Fever with disco-infused numbers, while Glee Project runner-up Alex Newell debuts.

"Big Brother"

Welcome to Glee, Matt Bomer! This White Collar star stops by this week as Blaine's brother, Cooper.

"On My Way"

The winter finale of Glee pits the Warblers against New Directions in Regionals. Who will come out on top?!?


It's Valentine's Day on Glee this week. And meet Rachel's dad on the special, love-themed episode.

"The Spanish Teacher"

Ricky Martin stops by this episode of Glee. The singer stars as a handsome Spanish Teacher.


The name of this episode says it all. Glee pays tribute to Michael Jackson.


NeNe Leakes shows up on this episode of Glee, as Sam joins the synchronized swimming team. Will also makes a big decision.

"Extraordinary Merry Christmas"

Merry Christmas, Gleeks! The series celebrates the holidays on the final episode of 2011.

"Hold on to Sixteen"

It's time for Sectionals on Glee! Who will come out on top?

"I Kissed a Girl"

Someone actually tries to fix the student election this week. Coach Beiste, meanwhile, gets up the courage to challenge Sue.

"Mash Off"

Sue smears Burt this week, whike Puck develops a crush. Elsewhere, Shelby gets behind the idea of friendly inter-group competition.

"The First Time"

We meet Sebastian this week on Glee, a mean member of the Warblers. Two couples also has sex for the first time.

"Pot O' Gold"

Will finds an opponent to run against Sue this week. Elsewhere, Mercedes tries to recruit singers for Shelby's choir.

"Asian F"

We meet two sets of parents this week: Emma and Mike's. The latter are concerned about their son's grades.

"I Am Unicorn"

Welcome back, Idina Menzel! Shelby Corcoran makes her return to Glee on this episode.

"The Purple Piano Project"

Glee is back with season three! On this premiere, Sue preps her run for Congress, while New Directions try to bounce back.

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