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Glee returned with the club in need of new members. In order to compete at Nationals (in NYC!), Will told the group they needed to expand. Hence, a search for new singers.

Two were sort of found: Sam plays football and has a great voice, but he's hesitant to get involved in the group because he's new in school and doesn't want to be seen as a loser. He ends up taking Finn's spot as quarterback when the new coach (more on her shortly) kicks Finn off the team

Then, there's a foreign exchange student named Sunshine. She has an incredible voice and the group wants her to join, except Rachel, who is threatened by her talent. In the end, Vocal Adrenaline (and their new coach, a guy named Dustin) steals Sunshine away with a few gifts. The members are pissed at Rachel for letting her get away.

As for that coach: her name is Beiste (it's French) and the school has increased her team's budget, while taking money away from New Directions and the Cheerios. In response, Will initially teams up with Sue to make their rival's life Hell and force her to quit - but when he sees the effect this has on Beiste, Will apologizes. And, of course, Sue is vows revenge on him for turning his back on their partnership.


- Quinn is made head cheerleader again. She gets into a major fight with Santana because she tells everyone about the latter's breast implants, which are the key reason why Sue demotes her. Welcome back, bitchy Quinn!

- Artie and Tina broke up over the summer when Tina grew close to Mike at Asian camp.

- Finn and Rachel are very much together.

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Second Season!...i have been waiting x this ALL the time!!!x.x G L E E ! :D


I want puck and quin.




However, it is not to say that it was still a good episode, nontheless.


I know they are trying on a new take, with more "Modern Music" but I liked last season where Glee was rather eclectic with their taste and dabbled in various decades of music.


I love glee, but hated this episode. It was almost like they were doing a bad immitation of themselves. Sue was snarky as always, but not very endearing. Finn's tryout for cheerios was a lame move on the part of the writers. Having him believe that Artie would make a good battering ram was goofy enough. Rachel was the worst. Every word uttered from her lips was a weak attempt to reinforce her previously established character. It made her very unlikeable. Her comments about wanting to help the team became thoroughly tiresome and sounded like a broken record. The perky cuteness is gone. The songs were irrelevant. Coach Bieste will be hard to endure for another episode - not too much into Ken's crossdressing. It was a disappointment. I have to wonder if they lost a writer, director or something. If this keeps up I'll be a former glee fan.


STOP THE VIOLENCE LOL so funny Brittany quote. One of the most funny scenes on the episode was Kurt doing that interview with Jacob and getting a slushy!!! haha was so funny. I like Bieste too, but Will: you screwed up.. AGAIN.! AND I ABSOLUTLY ADORED THE CAT-FIGHT BETWEEN Q and S (that sounded very Gossip Girl, sorry lol) And also Sue's "SHUT-UP" to Sunshine and Rachel. And Rachel telling Sunshine "You're Sunshine Corazon from Filipinas where is SUNNY everyday!". I gotta say, I just fell in love with Sunshine... too bad shes going to VA. As for Rachel, when she sang What I Did For Love i thik she was singin' about what she did for the club, because she loves THE CLUB... and no-one believed her, not even Finn. And I hate the other asian for doing that to his glee-mate... And Tina is kind of a b... too. Poor Artie.


Finn is stupid enough to think he can get a girl pregnant in a hot tub he is dumb enough to think pushing Artie on the football field is a good idea. I don't think it's far from his character. Great episode! This bodes well for this season. Maybe they finally let the good writers do the whole episode.


i like glee, but i dont love it. the reason why i dont love it is that it's always the same old stuff they pull every week. i have never really been interested in any of the storylines, it's supposed to be a musical where the music makes the story go forward, here it's just a concert with short films in between that serve as opening acts. i think it's a shame because the show is loved so much it could really afford some big changes to become unforgettable. they have great actors, great voices, and let's face it, a heck lot of money to spend, so why stick in their comfort zone?they can afford a little risk, take the hard road for once


I'd like a Finn-Sam complication. Notice how Finn looks at and was affected by Sam during the lunch hour number all the way to their last scene together???

Glee Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Even if your team has dropped their sequin-covered panties and urinated all over the stage like an elderly Carol Channing, they literally could not have done worse.


One girl ate a pigeon. That's how badly they wanna be Cheerios.