Watch Girls Season 6 Episode 6 Online to see Hannah consider the various perspectives of people in her life when it comes to telling Paul-Louis about the baby.

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Watch Girls Season 6 Episode 6 Online and see Hannah consider outside perspectives when it comes to informing the father of her child about the baby. Meanwhile, Marnie and Desi have another falling out as Desi hits rock bottom, and Hannah reveals the truth to Adam when he insists on her watching the movie.

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On Girls Season 6 Episode 6, Desi tries to bail on Marnie's mother's birthday party, and Hannah turns down Adam's request to screen his film.

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Girls Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Jessa: And, for the record, I am a sociopath. But you are a fucking psychopath. And it's so much worse. Everything that we did together happened, whether you want to believe it or not. Whether you want to remember it or not. And I am here and I know you. You can't just erase people. You can't just erase me. That's not how it works.
Hannah: I don't care anymore.
Jessa: Rest in peace.

Hannah: I'm pregnant!
Marnie: That's very funny.
Hannah: Not a joke, just what's going on in my uterus.